5 Reasons Why Travel Brochures Matter?

Very few things in life beat the pleasure of traveling. Each new place means new memories and new faces. Do you ever wonder how travelers get the urge to pack their bags and visit random destinations? You may want to look at travel brochures to understand this urge.

Have you ever wondered why travel agencies and tourism businesses still print out paper brochures? Well, there’s only one answer for that: they simply still work. 

Despite the rise of digital advertising, people still pick them up whenever they’re on their way to or arrived at a new destination. Don’t believe it? Bentley University’s survey may convince you. After much research, its Center for Marketing Technology found that 79% of its 2,020 respondents picked up a brochure. Pretty big, right?

Why are travel brochures necessary? Here are a few good reasons for their continued popularity and existence.

5 Reasons Why Travel Brochures Matter

1. They provide information

We all know that we can look up anything in a matter of seconds nowadays (hello, Google!). However, due to the plethora of information, quick searches can become long and confusing. Who wants that, right?

Save yourself from long scrolls and dubious sites by picking a brochure up! Brochures take all the necessary information and sort them into two or three pages. Tourists don’t have to scroll endlessly to find what they want and need to know about a specific destination. No two countries are similar, so you may want to read up on basic information before buying a ticket. 

2. They create conversions

When guests get curious, it may lead to bookings and reservations. Sometimes, all it takes is one scan from a well-curated brochure to convince visitors to book a flight somewhere. Who knew that they could be that influential, right? 

We’re not surprised. Long before social media influencers worked their magic on social media platforms, printed brochures held down the fort for tourism—especially on the promotional end. So don’t be too surprised when hotels and other tourist spots still have brochure racks on display; who knows who’ll pick them up and read them? One glance may convince new guests and visitors.

3. They give credibility

Feedback can make or break what you’re trying to sell. In a service industry like tourism, you need all the positive ones you can get to spread the word about yourself. Travel brochures with testimonials from tourists, establishments, and official agencies can do wonders for destinations.

Say you’re a budding travel agency that’s received glowing reviews from customers and other relevant parties. Amazing, right? Take advantage of that and get your agency’s name out there! Mark your place in your tourism industry by adding those comments to your brochure. This move lets tourists and customers know that you’re the real deal.

4. They build connections

There’s no denying that pictures are powerful: one photograph can be impactful enough for one person to click with what you’re selling.

Images tell stories and share messages in a compelling way that words can’t. A place’s history leaves people curious and wanting more. Since they’re the first things people spot when reading brochures, it’s no surprise that travel businesses base their designs around their aesthetics. So if you’re creating one, make sure to pick powerful pictures that compel people to keep reading and convince them to book a visit. One stunning image may be more than enough for them to pack their bags and fly over.

5. They help achieve brand growth and consistency

Don’t let their size fool you: travel brochures can pay huge dividends when done right. Their light nature makes them pretty easy to carry and pass around, which makes distribution less stressful. The easier they are to distribute, the more hands they’ll reach.

More hands mean more new customers. If new customers like what they see and enjoy their experiences, they’ll want to return for more. They’ll also be happy to pass them along to curious individuals who may want to get in on the fun. As the good words about your offers spread, so will your customer base.

Since customers love what you’re doing, take their takeaways and work from there. Add those new learnings when you’re designing a new brochure for fresh eyes.

Is it time to go to the paperless tourism advertising route? Judging by how people still pick up and keep brochures, the answer is no. So don’t retire your printers yet! 

Just because social media has become an enormous advertising asset doesn’t mean that print materials should be in the trash. Believe us when we say there’s still room for printed brochures in the tourism industry. You’ll thank yourself later when you see your results.

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