Know All About Hiring the Right Laravel Developers for Laravel Development Projects

Are you planning to Hire Laravel Developers for your next project? If yes, then the below guide will clear all your doubts related to Laravel and also help you to select the best developers for your project requirements.

Brief About Laravel

A large number of businesses and developers throughout the world prefer PHP web development for developing various dynamic websites or web applications. There are millions of websites on the internet that are running on PHP. Some of the most popular websites that are running on PHP include Facebook, WordPress, Amazon, Wikipedia, CNBC, Tumblr, Slack, and more.

Today, numerous PHP frameworks are available for developers for developing web applications. However, Laravel is one of the most popular and extensively used PHP frameworks as it allows developers to start anything from scratch. That’s the key reason why Laravel development services are high in demand. The Laravel framework is a quite easy-to-use, efficient, and uncomplicated framework that makes the development process much easier for the developers. Other reasons that make Laravel one of the top PHP frameworks include:

  • Laravel is a powerful and feature-rich language that allows developers to create highly functional and effective web applications.
  • Laravel offers abstractions for various basic functionalities, thereby makingback-end development with PHP much easier and convenient for the developers.
  • Laravel is quite a stable framework and the web applications built on this framework stay genuinely responsive.
  • Laravel simplifies various activities under the development process including authorization & authentication mechanisms, exception handling, test automation, etc.
  • The framework can be integrated directly with emails and web optimization tools easily.
  • Laravel consists of object-oriented libraries along with various other pre-installed libraries that offer several advanced features.
  • Laravel comprises a built-in tool, known as Artisan. This tool helps developers with the command line and automates the majority of repetitive and non-productive programming tasks, making the development process much faster and efficient.
  • Laravel supports MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture thus ensures utmost clarity between logic and presentation. With multiple built-in functionalities, MVC architecture also allows developers to enhance the performance of web applications.
  • Using Laravel in web development assures full security. It makes use of a salted and hashed password which is not saved in the database as plain text. The framework also uses the bcrypt hashing algorithm for creating an encrypted representation of a password.
  • Laravel framework consists of a huge array of templates that assist developers in creating dynamic layouts and separate user interfaces.

Skills of Laravel Developers

If you Hire Laravel Developers, make sure they have all the key skills that are required to accomplish a Laravel development project successfully. Few of the key skills of Laravel developers are mentioned below, have a look:

  • Excellent Knowledge of PHP 5.x and 7.x with MVC structure
  • Ability to integrate any third-party service like payment solution, Amazon web service, cloud integration, Redis, Elastic search, Grafana, etc.
  • Proficiency in developing custom module and extension
  • Expertise in Laravel data migration using MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL data sources
  • Good know-how of REST and SOAP-based API architecture and implementation
  • Deep understanding of various design patterns including Abstract Factory, Facade, Singleton, etc.

Other than all the above-mentioned skills, there are various other things to consider before hiring Laravel developers, such as:

  • Project Requirements:Before hiring a developer or team of Laravel developers, businesses must discuss their project requirements with the developers. This will provide an idea regarding how developers will achieve these requirements and come up with the best possible solution.
  • Purpose of App Development:Businesses must also make their goal clear with the developers. It means that they should convey clearly what exactly they are expecting out of their development project and what functionalities they want to achieve from the application.
  • Define Testing Approach:Whether it’s a large enterprise, SME, or startup business, it is vital to determine what testing approach the developers are going to use and apply for their project.
  • Discuss Project delivery and Costs:Before hiring the developers, it is better to discuss in advance the overall costs of completing the project along with the time period within which the project will be delivered by the developers.
  • Ask for Portfolio: It is advisable to first verify the portfolio and past experience of the developers. Nowadays, many professional companies provide developers for hire after complete rounds of interviews and tests so that the businesses need not to worry about the experience and qualification of developers.
  • Analyze Previous Work Record:To gain a better outlook about developer’s skills, experience, and professionalism, businesses can get feedback about the developers from their former employees. This will give a complete idea about how the developers work in a team, how they handle each process, are they able to complete the project on time, and many other things.
  • Post Project Deployment Support:The developers must be able to provide post project deployment support.


With a deep understanding of the Laravel framework, the developers can provide customized, scalable, and robust solutions within the specified time frame. All the above-mentioned things can help businesses to hire the best talent for their Laravel development project requirements.

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