Some Creative Writing Exercise to Bring Your Inner Perfectionist

I believe we all are some kind of writer or being a writer might not be so tough. None of us writes perfectly but at least we can try and find ways by which we can make us perfect. Write in such a way that you are writing a story and your readers are your story listeners. Writing is not a difficult task; it is only that you are expressing your thoughts through words, and so you have to be that creative, interesting, thoughtful, and deep with your writing.

Here I will be sharing my ways of how to be a good writer and how you can be very expressive.

  1. Answer self askes question– How, what, why, where, when are 5 basics. You must be answering these questions in your writing. If you are including these questions that means you are on a correct path. Answer yourself about, why are you writing a blog, what you have to write, how you are going to plot it, where is your blog base fans when you decided to write about it. That’s it, a very basic and simple method to make your blog complete and interesting.


  1. Use of writing prompts– We can say writing prompts are your setup to start with your writing with a better overview. This way you can successfully try to attain the reader’s attention also the reader finds out that you have something different to tell. These prompts can be in form of a picture, one-liner, or even a paragraph. Be rhetoric in your writing. Try to make an attraction between you and the readers.
  2. .Write your experience – When you give your own experience or your expertise on any topic the reader feels like you are interacting with them. This way readers are more into your writings and they will also share their experience with you. Try to write in a conversational style. Don’t let your readers feel that it’s a blog; they should like it is written especially for them.
  1. Write about someone for whom you have changed their life– people must know how you effect through your writings. Write about the experiences where people have really used your advice and it has brought a change in them. This way you will gain more attention and traffic on your blogs.
  1. Opt for a Creative Writing Course– It’s obvious that all of the tricks and techniques you cannot learn by yourself that any professional writing course can teach you. Be it writing skills or grammatical skills everything can be perfectly done and acquired by opting for a course at any professional institute?


Writing is not a tough job; you can expertise in it, very easily. Try to be creative in your own way. Follow these steps and also try to find more such ways by how you can make it more interactive and readable. Any good creative writing course can develop your skills with a professional method.

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