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How can I prepare for IELTS in 15 days

IELTS, International English Language Testing, is a standardized test used by various countries across the globe for immigration. IELTS has been the most popular English language test till now, and the popularity of the exam is increasing as the world becomes more and more global. Several students plan their migration …

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Things to Do After Your Graduation

For the past few years and months, many students were living in a confusing situation due to the pandemic and the post-pandemic situation in different industries. To make things easier for them, there are so many student consultants who are on their toes to help them combat their stress and …

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Virtual Classroom Setup Ideas for Teachers at Home

The school closures following COVID-19 pandemic have confined both students and teachers to home. With the changes that happened in the education industry, just like students struggling to bring the school environment home, teachers also struggle to create an effective virtual classroom at home. You might be teaching from your …

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The Expanding Need for Professional eBook Writers for Business Purposes

Practically every individual can come up with splendid ideas, purposeful opinions, and captivating news. However, not every person has the skill of comprehensibly giving significance to their words. Previously, there was a need to initially study hard and afterwards get confirmations to turn into a literary writer. Nevertheless, these days …

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