Top 7 tools to embed Twitter timeline widget on your website

In the past decade, Twitter witnessed tremendous growth in its user base. People often use this social media platform to share their opinion and express themselves. One of the main reasons for the sudden growth in the popularity of Twitter is due to its feature of word limit. It makes the content short, crisp and to the point.


With such a huge user base and popularity, marketers can’t afford to ignore Twitter for their marketing strategy. They were quick to find the solution as they found a way to link their website with Twitter. And that is by embedding the Twitter feed on their website.


Many tools in the market offer a dedicated Twitter Widget for website that smoothly allows you to embed Twitter feeds on your website, these tools offer various other features, hence making it a great marketing strategy.


This blog will discuss the seven best tools to embed the Twitter timeline widget on your website.


Tagembed is the best social media aggregator tool in the market. It provides you with the dedicated Twitter widget that aggregates all tweets and content related to your business. It allows you to curate and customise them and then displays them beautifully on your website.


It collects the feed using hashtags, mentions, handles etc. and provides a real-time Twitter feed on your website.

You can even customise your widget by using different templates and layouts. The tool also allows you to personalise the Twitter feed by changing the font size, font style, background, colours etc. You can design the feed according to your style and make your website attractive and pleasing to the eyes.


The tool allows you to moderate the feed, and hence you can filter out all the unwanted and spam content and keep the feed related to your brand. It also enhances your customer’s browsing experience and helps your brand to attain a reputation.


It is easy to install; just simply copy the code to paste on your website’s editor where you want to showcase the feeds. Therefore you don’t need any coding experience and knowledge. Also, the feed updates automatically; you don’t need to refresh the feed. It saves your time and labour resources as you don’t need any developer to run this widget. It provides a user-friendly interface that makes your work easy. 


Juicer is another brilliant Twitter aggregator and display tool. It helps you to gather, create, curate and display the Twitter timeline feed on your website. It gathers the feed by using various mediums such as hashtags, handles etc. 


The Twitter timeline widget adds charm to your website as it is compatible to show both text-based and visual-based content. The combination of these content makes your website vibrant and attracts website traffic.


The tool comes with a modification feature and profanity filter that allows you to block or hide specific keywords. You can even block the feed from a particular user by using this feature. It helps you to maintain the quality of your feed and keeps it related to your business.



Do you want to get rid of your dull and flat website? Do you want to enhance your visitors’ browsing experience?


Hootfeed is the answer to all your questions. It is a Twitter wall display tool by Hootsuite. That helps you in creating and displaying a beautiful Twitter wall for your website. 


It makes your website alluring by displaying Twitter feeds from the users. You can even beautify the feed by customising the feed and making it appropriate for your website.


Another amazing feature of Hootfeed is that it comes with an analytics feature. It allows you to monitor your feeds’ performance and eventually help you to work on the flaw, if there is any.


Twitter Widgets

Twitter Widgets allows you to embed Twitter timeline feeds on your website, making it vibrant and eye-catching.


It provides you with four options to fetch the Twitter feed. These options are – user timelines, lists, favourites, and searches.


It displays the feed from your timelines and tweets related to your business. It also displays the tweet that you have marketed as favourites. 



Everwall is an easy-to-use tool that embeds the Twitter feed on your website. You don’t have to worry about hiring a developer to install or use this tool. You just have to copy the code and paste it on your website’s backend.


Like other tools, this tool helps you moderate the feed; you can filter out all abusive or spam content and keep your feed clean and maintain the quality of your website.


Everwall keeps your website healthy and helps you to boost your brand awareness.



TweetWally is a very helpful tool. It is a Twitter-powered tool and hence embeds the Twitter feed smoothly and easily. 


You can use TweetWally for your website, or for your display screens in your office etc.


One of the best usages of TweetWally is using it for the big screen during events or social gatherings.


You can provide your visitor with a hashtag that your visitors can use while tweeting about the event. The tool will fetch the tweets with the help of a hashtag and display on the big screen. People feel valued when you will feature their tweet on the screen. It also indirectly promotes your event, as people will be tweeting using their account, and their followers will also get knowledge about the event.



Moving from one Twitter-based tool to another. TwitterFall is a twitter-based impactful tool that helps you make your website vibrant and engaging. 


The tool works in real-time and hence displays the live tweets from the Twitter feed. You can customise your widget and display your artistic side by choosing the appropriate display option for your website.


The Last Words

The sudden rise in the popularity of Twitter has made it an essential part of any social media marketing strategy. At the same time, websites hold a key role in creating a good impression on a customers’ mind. A Twitter widget combines these two impactful tools to help you attain more sales and develop a strong customer base for your business. Embedding a Twitter feed on the website is a smart way to attract people’s attention and increase brand awareness.


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