Consider Alternative tourism when you have no plan for your holidays!

Alternative tourism is very different then other mass tourisms. This will allow you to take all the fun filled things in one tour and it includes rural adventuring. This is very well connected with the heritage of historical and rural world and it will help you to explore and connect with the true wonders of history and human cultures. You will get a chance to hear the traditional music and traditional songs with traditional culture and you will feel like you are living in some other world for a while. The Alternative tourism is filled with different adventures and you can also enjoy some activist in it. You can enjoy biking on the roads or off road biking is also very enjoyable task. You will get a chance to experience the horseback riding and snow shoeing. If you love the mountain ranges and if you want to see the real freedom of that place then you can try ski mountaineering and rafting. If you appreciate the sea and if you dream to dive in it like fish then you can experience this freedom with sea diving. Additionally, the caving and climbing in the forests will make you experience the liveliness of the forests and you will see the calmness and true nature of the jungle!

This is one of the most amazing tourism because you will get almost everything that you would need to do for fun and excitement and it is not for any specific choice, you can choose your favorite activity and you can visit to explore the things of your interests. It will give you full freedom and guidance and moreover, it is free of any risks. There are no challenges and no risks, you will feel the presence of adventure but that would not be thrilling you. That would be amazing and you will remember it as a greatest memory of your life. There are so many destinations that you can choose for your Alternative tourism but if you will choose the famous and best places then you will experience real excitement and calmness of this tour. Here I am sharing with you 5 best Alternative tourism destinations of the world that will make your tour an unforgettable memory.

  1. Los Angeles: San Francisco is the most impressive place of Los Angeles. This city is very close to culture and it has such mighty scenery which attracts international tourists. The city is filled with beauty and calmness. You will find a trace of excellence in the whole infrastructure and it looks amazing in all seasons. Most importantly, the Hollywood sign makes it the most iconic place and you can hire a car to see the actual Hollywood sign board. This is not actually a tourist place so you would need to consider the timings because if you will visit there in rush hour then you would not enjoy anything between the traffic and crowds. You should see the little tram that will drop you on the hill and you would then see the whole city as big scenery before your eyes and that picture looks really amazing because nothing is better than a live experience.
  2. Bangkok: Chiang Mai is one of the most iconic places of Bangkok. Chiang Mai is a charming and beautiful and calm full place. This place is very close to that natural beauty. This place is calm because it is not very famous and you will see less tourists rush here. You can feel the pleasant natural breeze that will refresh you within a few minutes and it is a great place for relaxation. This place is also famous for Thai boxing and Batik making so you can see these activities live with your eyes. The night markets of Chiang Mai looks like traditional ones and you would feel the pleasure in walking through the night market.
  3. Hong Kong: Tokyo is the most iconic place of Hong Kong. Tokyo has amazing infrastructures and whole Tokyo looks like it is celebrating the time whenever you will see it. It is really very presentable and impressive place to see and millions of people visit there just to see the beauty and excellence of whole constructions. Apart from this beauty, Tokyo is also close to natural beauty. You will see the beautiful gardens in Tokyo and you would appreciate the view when you will see it from the distance. It looks really enchanting in the night and the picture of Tokyo looks unforgettable. Tokyo is said to be one of the most exhilarating cities of the world and it is also friendly and safe for tourists.
  4. Olu Deniz: Patara has written its name in golden letter in almost all the tourism brochure due to its friendliness and beautifulness. You can see beautiful sea sides here and huge hotel and bar buildings which would be worth appreciating. You will see the cultural and classic foods in all the hotels and that would be great! This place is not really very iconic but you can find so many ancient sites here which make it unique and it attracts so many tourists here. Additionally, you can find some big turtles here walking on some beaches. There are some specific turtle beaches where you can find numerous turtles wandering here and there on the beach. You will discover so many things here and it is perfect if you are interested in some exploration about ancient sculptures and sites.
  5. Bermuda: Barbados is an island that is situated in the middle of the Atlantic. This is really amazing experience to see the sea around you and you will see the huge wave. Sea waves would be so big that you would have never seen before in your life! Additionally, you can see some people surfing on the sea and if you like sea surfing then you can also try the adventure of this activity. It is really amazing and you should visit here particularly for unforgettable sea experience. It can be said for sure that this experience would be amazing and you will memorize it whenever you will see the ocean in your life.

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