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Guide To Dating and Marriage In South Africa

It can be challenging to be in an interracial relationship. It means loving and being vulnerable to someone you don’t exactly share the same culture with—someone that may find your quirks too weird.


But looking for love in South Africa can be rewarding. It might even be the best decision you’ve made yet. For the most part, they are generally kind and warm-hearted people.


If you wish to find your perfect partner in South Africa, it’s best to know their dating customs and traditions—everything that makes them, them. Discover everything you need to know about your local date (or potential) below:


South African Customs—Then and Now

Below are the most common qualities South Africans share. We’ve broken them down to ethnic roots, patriarchy and gender roles, shared local traits and dating customs for your easy reading.


Ethnic Roots

South Africa is a diverse country with rich ethnic roots.


Many cultures of distinct races—from different areas of the world—swarm in South Africa, and for that reason, it’s called the Rainbow Nation. There are also numerous Dutch settlers (called the Afrikaans) and English-speaking locals (through the British colonizers in the 1800s) in the country. They also have 11 officially recognized local languages and diverse tribal groups.


Patriarchy and Gender Roles

South Africa has a patriarchal society. They still uphold the traditional values of gender roles—which their society expects men and women to live up to.


Women in South Africa are responsible for the emotional and physical well-being of the children. They have to act exactly how women have to—meek and feminine-like. Meanwhile, men generally serve as the protector of the house. They take care and protect their children and wives, even when it isn’t needed.


The South African traditionalist dating scene also wants men to make the first move and ask a woman out on a date. South African elders and traditionalists still believe that men are superior to women—it’s noticeable in many societal circles.


All of this may be a massive problem if you have a more progressive view on gender equality. Nevertheless, if you like the traditional dating pace, the singles in South Africa won’t disappoint you. Chivalry and graceful acts are well and alive in the country.


Shared Local Traits

South Africans still have a reserved view on dating and sex—and you know that by now. Despite that, women in the country are determined and particular about what they want in life. They are known for their feistiness and warm, kind hearts. All of which easily make them worthy of making them your life partner.


If a woman from South Africa likes you, she’ll surely give you the best kind of attention and care. They will act like a housewife for you, like cooking food or cleaning your house, reflecting how the elders raised them.


The downside to all these is that they may also be very submissive partners. They may depend on you in all life decisions and lean on you for emotional support. To be clear, nothing’s wrong with that, but somehow, it may stress you out in the longer run.


If you’re uncomfortable with having a submissive life partner, be sure to tell your partner about it. Make them understand your point, and assure them that you love them nevertheless.


On the other hand, men in South Africa may be too traditional for you if you’re all for feminism. Once the relationship develops, be open to them about it as well. No sane man will hate you for declaring what you want.


Dating Customs

South African’s dating customs are unique. People in the country are still significantly conservative despite the casualness of contemporary dating.


As such, women still expect men to make the first move. When going out on a date, men should be the perfect gentleman. Men should hold the door, help her take off the coat, and pull the chair for her.


In return, women should be elegant and well-mannered. They should look fantastic on a date night and be feminine-like.


Views on Pre-marital Sex

The majority of South Africans are Christians; thus, their religion teaches against pre-marital sex.


While many singles in South Africa nowadays have a modern viewpoint on dating and sex, many locals still find the latter a serious issue. You may meet a great person in the country with whom you intensely connect with. But they’ll never roll in the hay with you unless they’re sure you are the one for them.


Despite that, courtship varies between different cities, ethnic groups, and beliefs in the country. Some locals are okay with pre-marital sex, but others will shove it down until they meet someone they wish to marry.


And then, get to know them better…

It’s essential to get a clear grasp of how a particular culture works—the ideologies and history that honed them. It’ll help get a clear understanding of our dates.


At the same time, we must give our online dates a pinch of salt. Stereotypes may provide a good picture of a culture, but they don’t offer a complete vista. Form a bond with your South African date and get to know them on a deeper level. Enjoy the exciting relationship and good luck!




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