Regulations on Displaying Private Registration Plates

Many people opt for private number plates to show off their identity on their vehicle, however, it is important to make yourself aware of the law surrounding DVLA and license plate customisation.

You can have a border on your number plates so long as the border is not reflective and does not interfere with any of the numbers or letters.

There is a standard front and spacing regulation for the text used on your registration plate and a credited registration supplier will ensure to follow these regulations.

You’re also entitled to display certain flags on your registration plate.

When displaying flags, you should be aware that you will still need to display the GB sticker if you are driving abroad. However, you won’t need to display the GB sticker when travelling in the European union if you have the euro symbol instead on your custom registration plate. However, due to recent changes in Great Britain’s standing the European Union, it is recommended that you consult your driving authority for the most up to date and accurate information.

There are some additional regulations on top of the standard license plate rules that apply to custom registration plates.

  • Characters (except the number 1 or letter I) must be 50mm wide
  • Vertical space between the age identifier and the random letters must be 19mm
  • Characters must be 79mm tall
  • The character stroke (the thickness of the black print) must be 14mm
  • The space between characters must be 11mm
  • The space between the age identifier and the random letters must be 33mm
  • The margins at the top, bottom and side of the plate must be 11mm

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