Best Car Trip Tips For Hot Weather

The summer period is not only a test for drivers and passengers, but also for their cars. Operating the vehicle during hot days can lead to some difficulties, no matter is it your private car or a rental car. To avoid them, we offer several summer life hacks for motorists.

When traveling in the summer, you should always remember about these features:

  • Sufficient water supply

This is useful not only when you are thirsty, but also when you need to help the car. Some drivers know well about the problems with the radiator or antifreeze reservoir. Therefore, a spare water bottle can save the engine from overheating for a while.

  • Air conditioner maintenance

In order not to suffer from the heat in the car, it is worthwhile to deal with the air conditioning system in the car in advance. To do this, it is better to visit a service in the spring to diagnose or clean the air conditioner.

  • Hiding the car in the shade

Even if the weather seems to be not too hot and you are still wearing jacket, remember that the car heats up very quickly. Especially when the weather is calm. Most importantly, do not break parking rules. If you know that you will be gone for a long time – it is better to close the windows with a protective reflective screen (which you can find in car dealerships).

  • Chill the cabin before leaving 

Air conditioning and a car fan are great for this. This procedure will help the cabin stay cool as long as possible. It is not hard to do this in your private car or when using the services of car rental for under 25.

  • Take care of the car body

In summer, more often than usual, it is necessary to wash the car body. In the heat, under the scorching sun, various spots of dirt corrode the car’s paintwork much faster. Try to visit a car wash more often, at least not less than once every two weeks. 

  • The engine is in danger

If it is hot outside, then check the motor when setting off. From heating, it can boil and fail. It is necessary to observe the operation of the thermostat and the sensor for turning on the fan. You should ask in the car rental office where to look for this sensor (in case you rent a car). Be sure to monitor the coolant level. If part of it has leaked, then you need to fill it as soon as possible (on your own or at the nearest service station). In the same time, turn on the stove to remove excess heat from the engine.

  • Be careful with the brakes 

In the heat, brake fluid can boil, especially if it is more than two years old. It is important to change it in time. This way the probability of brakes’ malfunction will significantly decrease. 

You can find several more tips for drivers in this article.

In addition, you need to remember that the sunlight can spoil the paintwork, plastic parts and the interior of the car. Nevertheless, experienced motorists know the secrets that help protect the car from the sun on hot summer days.

Four proven ways to protect your car from the sun in the heat:

  • If it is possible to park the car in the shade, then this will be a great way to protect the car from the sun.
  • In order to save the cabin from overheating on hot days, you need to purchase special screens that are installed under the windshield and repel the sun’s rays. There have even been studies that prove that installing such a screen can reduce the temperature in the cabin by 3-5 degrees, which is extremely useful not only for the car, but also for the passengers.
  • When it is impossible to leave the car in a cool shaded place, you can use an individual cover. This accessory looks like a car case, which is made of a special sun-repellent material.
  • To protect the interior from sunlight, you can also darken the side windows of the car. The main thing is that there is a minimum percentage of light transmission, and traffic rules are not violated.


Summer is the best time for the holidays. Children are not a reason to sit at home on the couch, giving up sunbathing, Mediterranean cuisine and romantic family walks along the sea. Traveling with your family can be no less exciting and interesting than alone or with friends. There are many fears and stereotypes associated with such trips, but instead of being afraid and sitting at home, it is better to thoroughly prepare for the trip and go on an adventure. The combination of comfort, affordability, price, budget and quality are creating the best holiday for families with children. 

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