Choosing a Steering Wheel Cover

Maybe you just purchased a car, or you have an older car where the steering wheel is starting to fade, or you’re looking for a great gift for that one person in your family who never gives you enough ideas. A steering wheel cover highlighting your favorite team is a great choice to personalize your vehicle. You could even get one for your friend or relative with their favorite team as a creative gift that can actually be regularly used.

What does a steering wheel cover do?

In this blog post I want to explain how a steering wheel cover is an inexpensive way to protect your steering wheel from wear, to improve the feel on your hands as you are driving, and my favorite to display something you are excited about.

Protecting Your Steering Wheel

One of the first things you see when you get in your car is your steering wheel. You have probably been in a car before, possibly the car you got in this morning, where the material on the steering wheel is fading or even flaking off depending on the age of your car. A worn steering wheel is one noticeable way for a vehicle to look old. However, simply adding a steering wheel cover can improve the first impression of the inside of your car.

It’s not even as much about wanting it to look good for someone else as it’s just pride for your ride. I spend more time in my car than anyone else and I want it to be nice inside for me to enjoy. There are many things that we do to take care of our vehicles like changing the oil, washing the outside, vacuuming inside, and even making sure the tire pressure is in a good spot. One benefit of putting a steering wheel cover on that wheel is just to protect it.

A Nice Cover Just Feels Good

Another benefit to purchasing a steering wheel cover is that you can alter the feel of the steering wheel on your hands. The MotoAuto Wheel Cover I currently have on my car is a mix of two different types of fabric. The areas where you would typically place your hands have an underlying fabric with a mesh overlay, which provides better grip and I personally think it just feels cool on my hands. Where the logos are does not have the mesh overlay, but has a just barely noticeable amount of texture to it so that it’s not slippery.

Depending on the type of material you choose, it can also be less impacted by extreme temperatures. Another option for a steering wheel cover is high quality leather. Depending on the type of leather you go with, it will be more affected by temperatures than the fabric option I have, but it will look awesome. Genuine leather just has a great unique feeling to it and you can count on a consistently great grip.

On top of being able to choose the texture you like; I like that a cover makes your steering wheel just a little thicker. The steering wheels in vehicles are just so thin that unless your hands are extremely tiny, adding a little extra thickness makes a big difference. This is especially true for long drives where you are holding onto the steering wheel (hopefully the whole time you are driving) for a long period. The more you have to squeeze your hands to hold your steering wheel, the more likely they will start to get a little sore along the way.

Your Ride Your Choice

As I mentioned at the start of this post, the part I like most about covers for your steering wheel is the opportunity to display prominently in your vehicle your fanhood. However, a cool thing about these covers is that if you really want to you can have more than one and change them based on what sports season is currently in process.

I wouldn’t do it all the time, but maybe you are taking a trip with a friend of yours who can’t stand one of the teams you really like. You can make sure before you start that trip to put that team’s wheel cover on so that they have to see it all throughout the trip.


Most of us enjoy opportunities to take care of and promote things we care about. Our vehicles are something we take pride in, whether it’s because of memories we’ve had in them, some awesome features they have, or just because they are ours. A themed steering wheel cover is one way to make your vehicle a little more uniquely yours, while also improving your driving experience.

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