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When you are ill, you visit a clinic or a hospital nearby. If you are suffering from mild illness such as cold, cough, indigestion, etc you visit a private physician nearby. If you are undergoing persistent pain or some severe symptoms, then you visit a large multi-specialty hospital. They provide several types of services to the patients such as x-ray, scanning, blood test, and other diagnostic services. Such hospitals treat patients with severe illnesses and diseases also. The child hospital in Hyderabad provides services to children and new-born babies.   

Children’s Hospital

The large hospitals usually provide several facilities to the patients such as ventilators, bubble CPAP, radiant warmers, infusion pumps, x-ray machine etc. Some children require intensive care as they are suffering from major problem or require emergency treatment. So, such patients are admitted to Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. Some new-born babies also experience problems and they should be admitted to NICU- Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. The hospitals also provide gynecology services to pregnant women and a labor unit is available for women who undergo labor and an operating room also. The hospital also provides services to pregnant women who are undergoing problems. A team of expert gynecologists and other experts provide LSCS, laparoscopic and hysterectomy surgeries. The patients can be admitted to casualty or emergency departments depending upon their health condition. The child hospital in Hyderabad provides services to women and new-born babies also. 

Hospital services for women and children

Such hospitals also provide transport ambulance for neo-natal babies. Their hospital consists of a lab, radiology day care services. They provide semi-private, private, and fully-equipped wards to the patients. The family clinics provide services to outdoor patients also. 

Women who undergo delivery usually can become prone to diabetes and hence they provide services for such diabetes patients also.  Some children experience heart problems and hence they provide pediatric cardiology services also. Some other children suffer from urology problems and hence they provide urology services also. They provide speech therapy and audiology services also. The children suffering from neurological problems can visit the neurology department. They can also develop problems such as tonsillitis and hence they visit the ENT department. Women experience some dermatology problems during pregnancy and after childbirth. So, they can visit the dermatology department. The best child hospital in Hyderabad provides treatment to pregnant woman so that they are blessed with a healthy child. 

Specialized services for kids

Some children are prone to eye problems and they can visit the eye clinic. The children who are obese and want to reduce weight can visit the child obesity clinic. The obese children should be treated in their early childhood because they can experience severe problems later on. The children should always eat nutritious food to become healthy and active. They should preferably not eat junk food because it leads to obesity and such food does not provide any nutritional supplement to the body. The dieticians advise the patients to eat food that is healthy and ideal for their health. The best child hospital in Hyderabad provides speech therapy and audiology services to the children also. Some children are born with hearing problems and hence they provide audiology services to the children. Some children cannot interact with people around them and hence they can be provided with speech therapy treatment. 

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