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Repainting Vintage or White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets- Overview

Home owners who already own vintage cabinets know what it takes to maintaining them. Indeed, such pristine white furniture which once ruled your kitchen have faded with time and that’s pretty obvious; but let’s tell you if there had been a chance to improve the looks of your vintage kitchen cabinets, would you give it a try? Not necessarily you will be calling up professionals for the job. One of the best ways to give your vintage cabinet a fresh new look is by repainting them. Yes! Repainting is an extremely utilitarian way to curtail down on remodelling costs. Sometimes just the addition of fresh paint can bring about dramatic changes to the looks and feel of kitchen cabinets. Its true vintage or white shaker kitchen cabinets need time to time maintenance and repainting in order to restore their beauty. They make even the shabbiest of kitchens appear chic and functional.

What is so special about white shaker kitchen cabinets and vintage kitchen cabinets?

White cabinets showcase a pristine look. Recent times have seen people opting for white kitchen cabinets in vintage or modern styles chiefly because the whiteness of the cabinets make the rooms appear lighter and spacious. They offer an airier environment and add a sense of spaciousness which is vital. Further more white should be carefully combined.

Painting your white kitchen cabinets

Choosing paint colour is vital. Although you must be wondering white is all the same, but no. Even white has different shades. There are pure whites as well as off-whites and there are creams and ivory. Another common consideration is the finish. You can choose from a wide range of glossy finishing or simply pick those that come with matte and egg shell texture. The softer satin finish too is a good choice for kitchens since they can be easily cleaned.


First remove the doors of the cabinet as well as the hardware. Sand down the surface of the furniture after applying the degreaser. If you come across nicks and scratches apply wood filler. However you have the option to leave them like that if wood filling seems bit overloading to you. Now prime the surface and allow it to dry.

Painting the surface

After you have prepared the surface take the cabinets to an airy zone. Take your paint brush and paint up all the uneven or worn-out surfaces. Use bevels or moulding. Now take the paint roller and start painting for a smoother and more even finish. Offer the faux paint treatment for a glazier look. Take a rag and then rub it on the cabinetry surface in direction of the wood grain. There is yet another alternative way to repaint your vintage or modern shaker cabinets. The process involves rubbing brown coloured shoe polish on certain areas by using soft cloth. Remember that the surface should not get discoloured in the process; add some variations right around edges.

Did you know distressing areas which have worn out with time will only add to the character of your kitchen furniture, especially if it’s vintage white cabinets?

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