Choosing a B2B Supplier for Your Startup

When you are starting a business in the wholesale hair accessories industry, the first thing you would need is a supplier. Next, you will need a set of loyal clients who would get from you on a consistent basis. Yes, the part where you choose the supplier you would do business with is crucial to having a good business in the future. This is the same company you will deal with all the time. Hence, better know that they are a good B2B supplier so that your business will prosper. Here are a few factors to consider when it is time to choose your B2B supplier for your business:

Check Unbiased Reviews

A lot of people would make unbiased reviews about the B2B suppliers they encountered and it would be a real detailed one. Thus, you will be able to weigh the pros and cons about doing business with each B2B supplier. Everything from the handling of the wholesale hair accessories up to the time they take in replying to all of your emails will be stated there. When you see a review that is three paragraphs long, you know you have come to the right place. Of course, you can’t really trust a review that is just a few words long. It would be better if they are a bit clear about what they experienced when they did business with the formidable company.


Know the Location

It would not be wise to choose a supplier who is located at the far end of the globe. It would be better to choose one who is located just near you so it would not take long for you to receive the championship. Yes, it should be the same place where the wholesale hair accessories would be coming from. Besides, a lot of things can actually happen when the items get moved from a far place. There can be some weather disruptions and other stuff that would get the items a lot older than you originally thought. Hence, it would be safer if you would do business with a a B2B supplier who is just near you.

Ask Past Clients

Find out the past clients of the B2B supplier and ask how their experience went with the company. You know you would want to get a lot of information as much as possible so that you would want to feel confident about hiring them. Yes, this is one time when you don’t really need to be shy. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain when you ask all of their past clients about their experiences. It is possible that you need to do it after office hours because they may be a bit busy to do something that won’t really benefit them. Thus, better not disturb them during office hours or you may end up getting on their bad side. If the experience was nice, they would not mind talking on the phone for the entire night and saying great things.

Check the Communication Skills

They should communicate fast and proper during the early times of dealing with them. Besides, you would not want to deal with a supplier that takes pretty long to reply. They should not have any excuses for that as they should be ready at all times to serve you in the best way that they can. Some suppliers say that they are born ready and time will tell if they are telling the truth. It is just a wait and see type of thing but you will know that first impressions last when you get to speak to them from the start of the deal.

The moment you feel a connection with the B2B supplier when you set a meeting with them, you know they are the best choice for the future. Besides, you should be careful with your choices when you have a startup. One small mistake and you may be going down faster than a falling man with a parachute from a crashing plane. It is never a good feeling so you must be patient about your choices especially the B2B supplier. You would not want to regret your choices when it is already too late.

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