Get Well Soon Wishes for Wife – Get Well Messages

Get Well Soon Wishes for Wife – Get Well Messages


Heartfelt Get Well Soon Wishes for Wife

This is indeed the toughest time for both of us. We need to be strong. The treatment is going well. I want you home as soon as possible. Get well soon honey.

I wish for a magic pill which could cure all your disease in a fraction of second. I pray for your good health all the time. I wish for your quick recovery, my love.

Darling, I am trying to be strong, but it is not possible without you. I can’t see you like this. I pray for your recovery all the time. Get well soon my dear wife.

I wish I could be there beside you all the time. The kids and I are praying for your quick recovery. Please get well soon as soon as possible. Home is not home without you.

Get well soon darling. Rest well, honey so you can be up and about ASAP. You have my heart; it won’t be cured until you come round.

Get well soon my one and only. I need your kisses and missing you more than anything. I need you right beside me always. I love you, darling.

Romantic Get Well Soon Messages for Wife

I think by the time you will get around, I will fall sick for missing you dreadfully. Please get well soon. I am missing kissing your lips and pulling your cheeks. Hugs baby.

I wish my kisses could heal you. I miss you, sweetheart. Get better soon my love.

I hate flu and sickness because these keep my dear wife away from me. I realized how much I miss you. Please come home soon. I love you.

I can’t see my lovely wife taking bitter pills. I wish you good health and lots and lots of love. I am praying for your speedy recovery darling.

If I were a doctor either my warm hugs were medicine, kisses and cuddles were home remedies, I would be nursing my beloved wife 24/7. Get well soon love.

I can’t wait to hold your hands and kiss your cheeks. Please come home soon. I can’t live without you. Love you. Feel better soon!

Motivational Get Well Wishes for Wife

My heart, I wish you well a thousand times a day. I pray to God for your recovery all the time. Brush off sickness and come round because my darling, the world is waiting for you to conquer her.

Get well soon dear wife so you can start bringing delight and brightness to our lives again. Stay strong and win a victory over this sickness.

Hope you feel better again honey. I hope the good wishes and warm thoughts of your loved ones send cheerfulness into your world.Look outside my love; the sun is also wishing you a quick recovery. We all are praying for you. You will get round in no time.

The surgery was a success, and the doctors confirmed that you would be alright in a very short time. This news made my day, sweetheart. Get well soon. The home and I need you.

Recovery is hard work, but you are not alone in this fight. I and all or your well-wishers are there for you. I am sending you good wishes and a little sunshine to brighten your day.

Funny Get Well Soon Wishes for Wife

The doctor told me about your new diet so for the next few weeks all the pizzas are for me only. Get well soon, love. Eating pizza is boring without you.

The vacation plans are still on. So kick the butt of sickness and get well soon. I’m missing you more than anything and right here I’m waiting to see you in good health again.

Sweety, all the neighbors are gossiping that the only thing you know better than anyone else is getting sick. Don’t think that I’m kidding you. Now please, get well soon and slap those poor souls with your cute smile.

I made you a cake and suddenly remembered that the doctors prescribed you to stay on a plain diet. So I ate it. By the way, it was so tasty. Get well soon, baby. I love you.

I decided to buy a get well soon card and some flowers then realized it could be allergic to you. So I changed my decision and save the money for a candlelight dinner. Please, get better soon my love.

Hospital isn’t a nice place to visit often, you know. I’m hoping for your speedy recovery because I don’t want to come to the hospital again. Get back home soon cause I have a surprise for you.

I have petitioned to God for your early recovery so get well soon darling or else I will not talk to you. Hahaha, kidding. I love you.

Your wife needs you during her sickness. So, don’t forget to give her the love and care she deserves. You don’t need to spend a thousand dollars to make her feel good. Write any of these get well soon wishes for wife on a get well card, buy some roses or lilies and she will fall in love with you all over again.


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