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How to design and develop your mobile application with React Native?

React Native is a JavaScript framework. React native has a set of components for both Android and iOS platforms that gives your mobile app a native look & feel. Building cross-platform mobile apps is one of the top benefits of react-native use by top React Native App Development Company globally.

There are great features React native provide us to design & develop mobile application:

Open Source

React Native is an open-source that helps developers to easily use equivalent technology, facing struggles, resolving bugs. Here react native app developers will answer your every query, and the bugs are going to be fixed even before one has noticed them forum are flooded with useful tips.

Modular and Intuitive

It’s very easy for developers to delve into someone else’s project & repose on it because react-native provides the flexibility within a development team & makes the updates & upgrades easier.

Also, testers will find it easy to know the programming logic & build appropriate testing scenarios. React Native ultimately saves time as well.

Speed Up Development

React Native provides you a speedy development compared to a standard JavaScript page. Here users can generate pages more quickly, it means Google will scan these pages more quickly and attribute a better score to them.

Maximum Code Reuse & Cost Saving

React Native offers a code-reuse feature for both Android & iOS. This also saves your time and cost and make your investment worthwhile.

Live Reload

React Native provides you an additional feature that is not found in the native frameworks such as “Live reload feature”. Through Live reload, you can easily observe the aftereffect of the most recent modification you have made to the code.

React Native App Development Company

NPM Libraries Support

React Native use Node Package Manager, if you are not skilled with JavaScript with NPM then it is not difficult for you to learn and research NPM commands.


React Native provides you more accessibility. There are many changes in roles, action support, flags, & many more. There are various other enhancements as well like support for “reduction motion”, better android keyboard accessibility options, CA Layer for drawing text etc.


React Native apps will operate on AndroidX because the android ecosystem for the React Native 0.60 has eventually migrated to AndroidX.

Start Screen

React Native provides you the new screen for launching the tool. It has been made extra consumer-friendly & it comes with version 0.60, where it will receive the persons document links, editing app.js, debug menu, and how to align the website.

Autolinked Native Modules

React Native CLI has been upgraded with an Autolink function and it makes the react-native link less complicated. With the group of developers, a linking procedure has been updated.


The popularity of react-native in the past few years has shown us how this framework has shaped the mobile application development. Are you looking to develop a mobile application for more than just one platform, it is best to React Native App Development Company from Shiv Technolabs Pvt. Ltd, we are the top react native app development company that helps you to manage the uncertainty that comes with working with a new technology.

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