Gemstones that can bring positive changes

Gemstones that can bring positive changes

The people who study the subject of astrology, according to them there are 9 planets in the universe and all of them have some very important role to play in human lives. These planets do have some positive effects on people when they wear them as a gemstone. Once a gemstone is worn which represents a particular planet, the positive effects of that planet get imbibed into the wearer’s life.

One can buy stones online but before doing that, one must make sure that the stones they are buying are certified and authentic. This is because; one can only get the best results by wearing a gemstone if they wear an authentic one. Also, one has to be very careful about which stone they are buying and wearing. This is because; one cannot just buy any gemstone and wear it because not all gemstones are for everyone. This totally depends on the birth chart of an individual and the placement of the planets in one’s life according to that chart. Only a particular gemstone or a combination of gemstones can bring some good effects in one’s life. Here are some major gemstones that one can wear:


This is a gemstone that represents the rule of the planet Sun. Sun is considered to be the most powerful planet among all. The color of this particular gemstone is also very close to the Sun hues and that is crimson or red. This stone majorly represents the power of the Sun that is, boldness, dignity, kindness, and courage. This particular stone is mostly advised to be worn in a ring that is made from either gold or copper.


This is another gemstone that represents the Moon and so it brings calmness of mind. When one wears this stone, it can bring certain peace in their mind and it can remove all the malicious effects that can happen in an individual’s life. When one wears this stone, they can stay away from all sorts of gloom and depression. One has to wear the freshwater pearl in their right hand and on their ring fingers. 

Red Coral

It is mostly available in seawater and this particular stone is worn mostly by people who are suffering from the Mangalik Dosh according to their birth chart. It is believed by the astrologers, that wearing this stone can help one come out of the effects of that Dosh. This stone is influenced by the planet of Mars and it can keep the wearer very much healthy. One can wear this stone to stay away from diseases like smallpox, indigestion, acidity and other stomach issues.


This stone is ruled by the planet of Mercury and it can bring some positive changes in the love, intellect and educational aspects of the wearer. This green color of this particular gemstone has exceptional healing power and so one can lead a healthy life.

There are many other certified gemstones online India that one can wear to get good effects. One can buy them from Khanna Gems as they are authentic.


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