Smart Tricks for Improving the Speed of Web Page

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Smart Tricks for Improving the Speed of Web Page

The speed of the web page is referred to the time consumes for full loading of the content of that specific page. It has an integral role to play for the visiting frequency of the users to the site. If it is extremely fast then only the users will find their interest. Otherwise they will look for somewhere else resulting in an increase in the bouncing rate.

As per the study, if a site consumes above 3 seconds to get loaded it is immediately left by the users. Hence, it is necessary to know some tricks to improve the page speed during web page design. Read on to know some effective ways to do so from this post.

8 tips to improve the web page speed

Now, let’s jump off into the tricks to boost the speed of web page.

  1. Minimising the image quality

Image is no doubt an imperative element making the entire site more impactful and manifested. It is an inevitable part for the Ecommerce site. But the loading speed of the web page gets hampered if it contains numerous images. It is obvious that the loading time will be more for high-quality images. Have you ever though what to do in such situation?

  • Just post the images in the form of jpg
  • Reduction the images number in the site by giving spaces only to the most efficient one
  • Put the concentration on the original content by cropping image
  • Minimise the image sizes less than 100 KB to boost the speed of loading content. A number of websites are there for doing so
  1. Optimization of the videos

Nowadays, most web pages consist of video content. If the videos are of high-resolution (HD) then it acts as the speed-braker for the web pages. Therefore, these videos should be compressed with the incorporation of any relevant video compression tool. Then only the loading time of the web page gets improved naturally.

  1. Reduction of redirects

Redirects consume much time for loading the content fully and previewing it to the users. It is so; because it needs an extra permission of the HTML to get loaded which consume the time. So, all you have to do is to reduce its number and attempting the viewers to land on your website directly.

  1. Lowering of HTTP requests

Generally, a web page is stuffed with content, images, files and lots more. HTTP permission is compulsory for loading any of the stuffed content. This is why much time is needed to get the permission for loading of each content individually resulting in lengthening the loading time and speed.

So, only post whatever is necessary and eliminate the unimportant characters such as commas, spaces and others. It will dramatically boost your web page speed.  

  1. Utilizing AJAX

Asynchronous JavaScript And XML is the full form of AJAX referring to a specific technique directly associated with the loading speed of the content. It is only responsible for preparing the next page to get loaded right after being clicked by the user while they are scrolling the previous page. It involves of a distinctive technique that can boost the speed of the web page remarkably.

  1. Server response time

Improvement of the server response time is a must for accelerating the speed of the web page. Furthermore, it is also recommended to look for the exact cause of delayed response of the server at the same time. You are advised to check slow routing or memory and lots more other elements.

A significant deficit in the memory can cut off the server speed drastically which create an adverse affect on the loading time of the web page. Such issues should be taken into account as soon as possible to restore the original server response time.

  1. Page caching

Just hunt for the websites and plugins for serving cached pages. It is really beneficial for increasing the loading speed of the content of the web page. W3 Total Cache can be used as the plugins by WordPress users only. It makes the page to get loaded fully and quickly.

So page cache optimization helps in boosting the speed. However, you have to ensure that the browser uses local memory while doing so otherwise the thing will be complex.

  1. Using CDN

CDN is the abbreviated form of Content Delivery Network which is quite effective in accelerating web page speed efficiently.

Follow these tricks for improving the web page speed. It is only reliable way for maintaining loyalty of the consumers and their numbers. Even it will make you hold a good position in the search engine as well. Generally, 3 seconds is the bar of maximum loading speed; consider it while working on web design for its improvement.

As Ecommerce site comprises numerous images it is highly vulnerable to lose its position and customers leading to high bouncing rate. Therefore additional attention is requirement for retaining its position and good stats for a long period of time ensuring the shoppers will always visit you!

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