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Choosing open source project management software is the best decision you will make in 2020

Open source software is a term extended to software whose source code is available to the third party to use, i.e., it is public and available freely. However, an open code does not mean that the software is free.

Open source is a sort of licensing arrangement that permits clients to unreservedly alter a work, use said work in new ways, incorporate the job into a bigger project, or determine another work dependent on the original. By eliminating boundaries between trailblazers, open source promotes a free trade of ideas within a team to drive inventive, logical, and technological progression. 

Crotle’s open source project management permits the managers to streamline their projects from their home, without compromising on quality or timeline of the project. During this year of the pandemic when everyone is forced to carry out their career from their home, an effective collaboration software was indeed the need of the hour. Crotle provides a plethora of features for each step of handling a project so that the organizations can concentrate their energy and attention on achieving the goals only. 


Benefits of open source project management software: 

An open source project management helps the members of an organization to work on transparency and collaboration for the mutual benefit and growth of every individual as well as the organization. This facilitates multiple advantages to the projects being handled. Some of the advantages are: 


  • Community access: The open source software, in this regard, the open source project software, allows the vast population of an organization to keep track of all the processes of an organization. The entire team can work faster and shoot solutions in a more process manner with the help of an open source software, which gives equal access to all the members, unlike any other project management app


  • Enhanced transparency: With the entire stream of work related to a project available to all the users, efficiency and productivity are sure to increase multifold. The team members can have access to all the documents and files along with the work status of every process for better control and planning of every task. 


  • Enhanced reliability and security: With every process being available to all the members of the organization, despite the distance in the work environment, there are fewer chances of missed errors and confusion. Apart from this, the spotted errors can be rectified diligently as well, without any wastage of time. 
  • Improved flexibility: Open project management software is responsible for adding flexibility in the overall remote working culture, which is being adopted by organizations all around the globe. The members of the team can have flexible autonomy in completing the jobs and subtasks, along with keeping track of all the completed tasks. 
  • Faster result: As stated above, an open source project management software like Crotle facilitates the team of an organization to work in sync with the objective in sight. This is made possible with centralized viewing of the status and summary of every job, centralized document sharing, efficient department handling, improved job delegation, and more. 


The open source project management software, Crotle aims to extend the above listed benefits to the organizations with the help of the following: 


  • Project Management: This feature helps to rationalize the projects with the help of proper tracking of every process. Further, it also helps the managers in keeping a thorough track of all the jobs and subtasks, for easy controlling of the projects in order to achieve the timelines. 
  • Organization Management: This feature assists the managers to effectively handle various departments of the organization. It helps to create a proper chain of command along with keeping a check on the multiple jobs going on with respect to the project. 
  • Task Management: This feature helps the managers to easily delegate the jobs to the necessary personnel based on their qualifications, experience, and level of workflow already with them. It further helps them in prioritizing each job, and in outlining the timeline available for each job. 
  • Dashboard: This feature provides a platform to the members of the team to view all the status and summary of various princesses on a single screen so as to minimize or eradicate any confusion and duplicity of efforts, time, and other resources. 
  • Document Library: This feature provides a centralized area wherein all the members of the organization can easily upload and download various documents and files pertaining to a project without falling prey to any delay whatsoever.  
  • Notes: This feature is a digitized version of external notes, which allow the members of the organization to jot down their thoughts or any crucial information online, for easy access to them. 


 Open source project management software reviews have been increasing multifold owing to the vast difference that this collaboration technique has brought to the recent times of the pandemic and remote working. 

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