An Extensive Guide to Launch an OnlyFans Clone – Workflow, Features, Revenue Models to Consider

Only a handful of apps enable creators to earn online for the content they upload on social media sites. These premium subscription-based social media apps have created a trend among content creators and audiences. Apps like OnlyFans, Patreon, etc., have made it viable for creators to garner a massive social customer base and earn a consistent income. Artists, film personalities, social celebrities, influencers, etc., can sign up with these platforms and earn revenue by uploading content like images, videos, messages, etc., to their premium followers.

In today’s world of smartphones and the Internet, geographical boundaries are becoming blurred with each passing day. An average Internet user expects a wide variety of content from a social media site, be it erotic content that is visually appealing or a musical performance that is soulfully pleasing. An entrepreneur must optimize a premium subscription-based social media platform to cater comprehensively to a wide range of audiences.

Are you an entrepreneur aiming to launch an app like OnlyFans? If so, you need to know how the platform works, engages the audience and generates income. This blog discusses the development process of transforming an entrepreneur’s ideas and visions into a reliable OnlyFans clone.

OnlyFans – An Overview

OnlyFans is a London-based content-sharing platform that culminates in numerous artists, models, fitness experts, etc. Content creators can upload videos, pictures, and even conduct one-on-one private messaging sessions with their followers. The platform currently has 30 million active users and around 450,000 creators. It is entirely up to the celebrities to decide their subscription charges based on their popularity.

The Rise due to the COVID-19 wave

Ever since the pandemic situation, the demand for premium subscription-based video sharing platforms has gone through the ceiling. According to the founder of OnlyFans, Tim Stokely, the online platform witnessed 200,000 new users every day in May 2020. Besides, there has also been a steep rise in the number of creators signing up with the platform. In May, the platform experienced 6000 – 8000 content creators joining every day. Moreover, premium subscriptions rose by more than 50% in April.

The lucrative benefits 

An app like OnlyFans is pointless unless it comes with numerous advantages. In this fast-paced world, celebrities and artists need to stay in touch with their followers. These content-sharing platforms go the extra mile of helping them generate a steady income source for their profession.

The platform benefits both stakeholders assiduously as creators get to monetize their content while the app users follow their favorite celebrities exhaustively. On the other hand, by bridging the gap between creators and followers, an entrepreneur transforms his/her visions into a remunerative business opportunity.

Not to mention the fact that these platforms can aid influencers in advertising their merchandise, educational experts to conduct seminars & workshops, social activists to organize community service, etc.

It is time to roll out your OnlyFans clone! 

Now that you are familiar with the market scope and benefits of an app like OnlyFans, it is time to roll up your sleeves and initiate your app development. There are specific metrics that a successful app must sail past to create an impact on the audience. To name a few – seamless workflow, feature-packed front-end, user-friendly app architecture, and multiple sources of revenue. Let’s discuss these characteristics in detail in the upcoming section.

The impeccable workflow 

As simple as it may sound, a platform’s workflow will directly hamper customer engagement rates.

  • Initially, app users register with the OnlyFans clone app by specifying their necessary information or logging in via social media handles.
  • On the other hand, content creators register with the platform by building their profile, mentioning their previous works, achievements, etc.
  • App users can browse content creators in various categories. They can filter creators based on their ratings, experience, pricing, etc.
  • Users can subscribe to content creators by paying the subscription charges via the multiple payment options available.
  • Content creators begin to upload their works on their profile, visible only to their closed subscriber community.
  • Moreover, followers can also communicate with the creators through the in-app chat option. Content creators can set up a PPV (Pay Per View) messaging option, enabling them to gain income for chatting with their followers.

The all-important Feature-set 

On any given day, it is the app features that create a visual appeal among the audience. Let’s discuss the feature-set of an ultra-modern premium subscription-based social media platform here,

  • Registration and profile setup: Users register and build their profile by specifying essential information, category preferences, etc.
  • Discover and video recommendations: Users can browse celebrity profiles effortlessly with the discover feature. Besides, they get personalized video recommendations as well based on their search history.
  • In-app scheduler: Users can view the available slots of creators and can schedule private sessions accordingly. The scheduler feature reminds both creators and users of their upcoming sessions.
  • In-app chat: The platform paves the way for enhanced engagement rates as users can communicate with one another and creators in a flash.
  • Earnings dashboard: Content creators can view their monthly/annual earnings and analyze their income through an intuitive dashboard.

Monetizing the content-sharing app 

With the market for these premium social media apps forecasting tremendous growth in the upcoming years, an entrepreneur needs to capitalize on the situation by yielding a significant income. Some of the monetization strategies worth-considering in your OnlyFans clone include,

  •  Subscription charges: The fundamental idea behind platforms like OnlyFans is to provide income to content creators while entertaining the audience. The platform owner processes the transaction between the user and the creator after the necessary commission break-down.
  • Premium messaging: Followers can have one-on-one messaging sessions with creators on a Pay per View business model. A part of users’ payment reaches the celebrities, and the remaining amount fills an entrepreneur’s pockets.
  • Tipping option: Users can tip their favorite celebrities during live sessions as a gesture of appreciation. The platform owner receives a percentage as a commission as well.

ConclusionThe need for celebrities and followers to engage with one another has made subscription-based content sharing platforms a massive success in today’s technologically-driven world. With OnlyFans witnessing enhanced popularity amid the COVID-19 pandemic, do not miss out on this business opportunity as you can launch your OnlyFans clone in a matter of a few days. Reach out to an app development company, tell them your needs at once, and establish a platform that acts as a centralized hub between content creators and followers!

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