All do’s and don’ts for safe & painless lifting of bulkier movables

When we get habitual to living a convenient lifestyle, we preferably refrain ourselves from doing certain laborious tasks. And when it comes to moving your belongings, you strictly choose not to do it in the absence of packers and movers as lifting and loading heavy goods is not everyone’s cup of tea. Apart from preventing the devastation of relocating bulkier movables, no one will be going to do the painstaking job all alone as bad handling of items would eventually result in unseen damages to your belongings and uninvited injuries to you.

Relocations are extremely tiresome and it turns more problematic when you are supposed to do it without the professional help of packers and movers. No need to stress yourself anymore, we have got a list of all the dos and don’ts for you to lift heavy weights without facing the dangers of handling them solely.

Do’s for lifting heavy goods

Know the weight of the object: Always check the weight of goods before lifting them by bare hands as we mostly misinterpret our strengths for handling heavy items if packers and movers are not there to help. Many incidents happen due to this reason as lifting objects weighing beyond your capacity is the most dangerous step to take during goods movement.

Go with proper planning: Make strategy before you start lifting objects in the first place. Clear your ways to a loading truck and ensure that all floors are not slippery to prevent accidental injuries & damages.

Involve your relatives & friends: You can ask your relatives and friends to join you if you’ve got a lot of heavy goods to move and there are no packers and movers to help you in lifting bulky items. The involvement of more people will surely reduce your stress & load for handling all of your stuff without breaking your back.

Pivot for feet for perfect balancing: Balance is a key to safe lifting of oversized and heavyweights. Keep your legs in the bending position alongside ensuring that you have a strong foothold to the ground to stay in a balanced position. That’s the right technique that all packers and movers use to lift weighty goods without suffering any type of stress or pressure on your joints and body.

Don’ts for lifting heavy items

Bending or twisting your back: Never ever bend your back entirely in a downward position while handling heavy objects. Doing so will transfer excessive load on your waist and this will eventually put your back at the risk of suffering muscle pain or rapture.

Not ensuring proper grip: In a hurry of loading and moving things to the desired destination, you ignore taking safety precautions while lifting heavy and breakable objects like furniture, appliances, home décor items, etc. Remember, most accidental injuries in relocations occur due to lack of cautions by packers and movers as even slight carelessness is risky at that point in time.

Holding breath while lifting: There is no doubt that lifting and loading goods are very tiresome as it demands a lot of collective strength of two or three people. By trying to lift heavy loads on your own, you will take extreme pressure on your body and this is not what no-one wants to face at all. Don’t ever hold your breath while pushing and pulling things that we mostly do while performing such heavy-duty tasks.

Obstructing your sight with the object: The moment when you lift an object above the ground, make sure that your view is not blocked as the item that you’re holding may go above your height. It is necessary because if there is one more people holding the package from another end won’t be able to see the passage from his back and things will go tricky if you are unable to guide him accurately. Thus, to give the right direction to your friend lifting a heavy object with you, don’t let the object obstruct your sight during the move.

Apart from keeping these do’s and don’ts for lifting heavy articles, you must consider these steps taken by the majority of packers and movers to make things easy and less tiring for goods relocations:

  • Staying alert is key to lift a heavy item safely. Do not rush and concentrate on what you are doing as that’s the only way to prevent injuries and hassles in lifting bulkier objects on your own.
  • Maintain a wide base for support by keeping one foot ahead from the other one and keep a gap of shoulder-width between the two. This posture is helpful in balancing your body when you are trying to lift extra heavy things.
  • Once you lift the object above on your hands, straighten your back, keep your chest out, & shoulder in the backward direction.
  • Be slow while handling heavy goods and keep breathing out without bending or twisting your body while being in this specific position.

There are a lot of tips and tricks to lift your heavy objects in the simplest and safest manner. But if you really want to avoid hurting your back or damage any muscle of your body then it is advised to hire packers and movers who are highly trained and fully equipped to lift extra heavy weights without causing any harm and inconvenience to you and your belongings. Give shifting service a try to feel how breezy your moving experience could get with experts!

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