Shopping in Bangkok – A Must Know Locations to Visit before heading back home

During your trip to Thailand, while traveling through the country and visit all those beautiful market,
you are kind of expected to trade at every stall in Bangkok’s street markets.
For starters, you might want to know the right amount is about half the selling price.
If you ask for some ‘fun’, you can play a little with the seller into starting to escape – if the seller doesn’t call you again, you’ll know your initial offer was too low.
Just keep in mind not to overuse that as they might be insulted if that becomes not respectful.
A good way to start practicing that system is by getting some help from a local person, most likely a local Tour Guide who can reflect properly the Thai culture to a western tourist, in order to achieve the best traveling experience in Thailand.

That said, Let’s take a look at the very best of the shopping spots in Bangkok where you get almost anything you need for a great price.
(after respectful bargaining)



khao san roadKhao San Road

Located in the heart of Bangkok, Khao San Road is a pretty crazy hub of activity and an essential part of any Thailand tour or excursion. There are dusty silver shops at home, kiosks selling shorts and shirts to hunters, Pad Thai vendors, one or two fast food stores, and a casual elephant! Below are some of the best shopping areas in Bangkok.

Siam Square

This is the heart of a business center full of western brands like McDonald’s and Hard Rock Cafe, and you will find many ex-pats in this area. This is the right place if you want to go to the cinema. Here you can also find all the big stores, with all kinds of programs and DVDs at incredibly low prices. It is the other side of Thailand, and it will give you a completely different perspective on your trip to Thailand.

MBK CenterMBK center

The MBK shopping center is one of the oldest centers in Bangkok. However, this eight-story mall has is so popular among tourists due to nearly 2,000 stores and services, including Tokyu department stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues. You can buy anything from designer jeans to shoes, DVDs, cell phones, all at a high price. While traveling to Thailand, you should try to take advantage of this experience.

Pat Pong Night Market

Located in the most famous neighborhood in Bangkok, you must reserve a time in the travel schedule so that Thailand goes at least once in the evening. This is where you will find everything from replica watches to replica sunglasses. The market itself is located in the center of the red light district, but it is not dangerous. We found that the prices here are very high compared to other markets, so negotiate a lot. It’s weird, and it’s another authentic Thai experience.


Just like all over the world, Bangkok Chinatown is packed with market stalls, street restaurants, Chinese medicine shops, and perhaps the largest concentration of gold shops in the city, Chinatown is a must-see experience. This historical region grew the result of immigrants from China who settled here and continued to trade.


Chatuchak Weekend Market covers over 35 acres and is worth a visit. It is very crowded, with a wide variety of stalls and becomes very feverish at lunchtime. You can spend a day there and not get to all the cabins. It is better to arrive early to avoid overcrowding and the intense heat of the sun in the middle of the day. There are some things to buy in Bangkok which include; clothes, shirts, shoes, souvenirs, food, and even pets. This market is a great place to pick up gifts before the end of your trip to Thailand.


Bangkok, the city that never sleeps, is where the doctrine of pleasure reigns. Bangkok is a city so alive that you can feel its pulse as you walk through the violent streets of the city. Bangkok welcomes visitors more than any other city in the world, synonymous with contradictions and contradictions. Despite the hustle and bustle, intensity, and excitement of Bangkok entering your veins, it is no wonder that many of them are drawn to Bangkok over and over. That is why shopping in Bangkok is the best thing that you can do when visiting Bangkok.

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