persistent coughing

5 main Causes, symptoms, and treatment of Persistent coughing

Does persistent coughing is normal? Yes, it is totally normal, but if you are having it for several weeks and months, then it is dangerous for your health. If you are having it for obvious reasons, then you should take it seriously. If you are facing cough for more than eight weeks, then you might have Persistent coughing. But you shouldn’t worry about it for that reason that it is totally treatable.

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5 main Causes, symptoms, and treatment of Persistent coughing

How long Persistent coughing viral last?

Normally it lasts for more than a week or 2, but in some cases, it goes for more than 3 weeks. When we talk about post-viral cough, it lasts for more than 8 weeks. If you are facing viral illness, and it goes longer, then you need to catch up on the underlying problem.

Does a person get worried in the case of persistent cough?

You should visit the doctor if you are having a persistent cough for more than three weeks. The major symptoms of persistent cough include; breathe shortness, chest pain, or coughing with blood. Likewise, if you are having chest infection like asthma or COPD for a long time, then it is also recommended to contact your doctor. If you delayed the doctor’s visit, then the cough symptoms would get worse.

What you need to follow to stop persistent cough?

Apart from medicines, you have to change your lifestyle and you need to follow the below-mentioned home remedies.

  1. You need to drink fluids as much as you can. It would help you in thinning the throat mucus
  2. You can also take cough drops or candies. It would be better for the dry cough and also mollify the exasperated throat.
  3. You can also take honey. The more you would take the honey, the more it would help you in loosen the cough.
  4. Moisturize the air. …
  5. You need to avoid smoke as it would make your cough worse.

How can you judge that your cough is serious or not?

If you are having a dry cough, then it is recommended to visit the doctor. If you are having the below-mentioned points, then you should take your cough seriously.

  1. Breath shortness
  2. Prolonged fever.
  3. Choking
  4. Coughing with the blood
  5. Weakness
  6. Fatigue.
  7. Less appetite.
  8. Wheezing.
  9. chest pain

Can cough get better by wearing face masks?

If you are having chronic allergies, hyperactive gag reflex, and acid reflux, then it would create irritation in your throat. To stop the ongoing cough it is important to wear the masks. If you really want to avoid certain types of medications and the side effect of coughing, then you need to wear face masks before stepping out.

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