Why the Tray and Sleeve Packaging is Good for Products?


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When you start looking for the packaging styles in the market, you get countless options. All of them are unique, but there are some that get more attention than others. Those who need boxes for the packaging of the products, not only look for great packaging to get customer attention. They also want boxes that are strong enough to keep the product safe. These days people want to set the trend, so they avoid getting traditional boxes. They prefer to go with gable boxes, tray and sleeve packaging, or some other style. In the article, you will learn about the tray and sleeve boxes.

You can customize these boxes for any product, even for the food items. Those who still don’t think paying attention to the boxes style and quality is important will change their mind at the end of this article. But first, we will learn why custom sleeve boxes are a perfect choice.

It is easy to customize the tray and sleeve packaging

It doesn’t matter how you like to design your box; with these boxes, you get flexibility. Mostly these boxes are made of cardboard. It is a material on which you can print the design of any color. If you are planning to pack some kind of good product in the box, design it accordingly. Similarly, if you are planning to pack jewelry or other accessories, you can design it in a manner that is suitable. Also, you can get a cardboard tray box and sleeve box in any size. They hold the product well and keep them safe from getting damage.

Get high-quality boxes of any material

Noe cardboard material is not the only option you have. The other materials are also used to produce boxes, but cardboard is more satiable for this type. If you don’t know much about the difference, it is better if you tell the professional details about the printing you are looking for. After that, they will guide you on which material you should go with. Also, don’t give the order once you see the complete image of the box in a picture. It is better if you ask the company to make a sample for you. in this way, you able to know better whether it is right for your product in every manner or not.


Unlimited finishing options

Now everyone’s preference when it comes to packaging is different. Some like to keep the box simple, and some want to give it sparkling finishing. Such as, they like to get embossed logo, glossy or matte lamination. With tray and sleeve boxes, you can do that. If you are getting boxes for jewelry, for sure, you can go with glossy or matte lamination. It is better if you ask the packaging company to show you all the options.

Proper space to print all the details

The tray and sleeve boxes have enough space to print plenty of information. You just have to make sure you print each information on the right side of the box. Mainly, the company logo, brand name, and the production description is the key information you need to print. It is important to print the logo of the company at the front of the box. It allows the customer to recognize you from a distance. Don’t forget to print the name of the brand and the production description, as it will allow the customer to see what they are buying.  Don’t leave any side of the box plain. If you have to give some warning signs about the product on the box, mention that on the side. So, the customer will know what they must do and what shouldn’t.

Why is proper product packaging important?

  • Firstly, it is important to keep the product safe, as sometimes you have to deliver products far. You never know how people are going to handle them. The boxes make sure no matter what the situation is, the product stays safe.
  • Also, the right and unique packaging attract the customer. In short, it does free marketing of your product. You don’t have to hire a salesperson, so they can tell customers to look at your product. The tray and sleeve box do this job for you.
  • Lastly, spending on packaging is a good investment for your business future.Just visit.

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