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Resources for learning about social media and the secret to success in it

Social media is a channel that is no longer treated as optional, it is now a necessity which can never be neglected at any cost.

However, this does not mean that the outcomes are assumed. When it comes to social media, businesses will have either a lot of success interacting with their customers. If not done right, then they will not see the desired outcomes. This depends on the level of effort the business puts in social media.

Those businesses who found success in social media marketing, there have been at least two that could not find the same with any tangible outcomes. Now is the time to change this trend.

For a lot out there, social media is simply a place to post the links to content created with the aim and hope that a lot of people will look at it, click through it, and share it with their followers. Since they have profiles on every network, and they all look exactly alike in line after line of self-promotion.

However, this old tactic may not bring in results and Facebook’s Algorithm today now penalizes content that is link based. Instagram has taken a similar measure, making it all-but-impossible for anyone to share a link.

Sharing content with half a heart, especially on social media is contradictory to social media marketing. It is the equivalent of spamming. Social marketing involves a good amount of work. It also takes time in listening and responding. After all, it is social and anything social takes an investment of both effort and skill.

To earn on these skills, here are some resources helping aspiring social media marketers develop the skills that are needed to be active on social media (i.e. Learning Social Media Marketing in the shortest possible time). Here they are below:

  • Social media podcasts.
  • Social media marketing blogs.
  • Social media marketing books.
  • Social media marketing videos.
  • Social media marketing eBooks.
  • Social media marketing courses.
  • Social media publishing templates.
  • Slideshows & infographics on social media.

Social media marketing blogs

The social marketing landscape changes constantly. Social media marketing is itself a science involving the usage of specialized communication skills. Among the best ways to develop the skills and staying up to date is to follow experts in the field. The following will help aspiring social media professionals learn using actionable information they can use to improve their marketing:

  • Scott Monty.
  • Social Media Explorer.
  • Social media examiner.
  • The marketing blog of HubSpot.

Social media publishing templates

The following are helpful in this regard:

  • Content calendar of Airtable.
  • Social media image templates.
  • Social media calendar templates.
  • Instagram templates for business.
  • Social media content calendar template.

eBooks for social media marketing

These eBooks are more than helpful for learning about social media marketing:

  • How to get more Twitter Followers.
  • How to Use Instagram for Business.
  • Attracting customers with Facebook.
  • The beginner’s guide to social media.
  • How to create high-quality videos for social media.
  • A visual guide to creating the perfect company page on LinkedIn.

Courses on social media marketing

They are as under:

  • Social media influencer course.
  • Putting social media to work for your coaching business.
  • Developing an End-to-End Facebook Marketing Strategy.
  • Developing an End-to-End Instagram Marketing Strategy for your business.

Social media marketing videos

Videos are one of the most preferred mediums for learning and promotion (behind eBooks and books). People being able to learn from the brightest minds on any subject is among the best things to happen. Being upfront with these minds is a powerful feeling.

These videos will give aspiring social media Facebook app valuable insights, as to how to work on social media, how to make it better, and the like. Also, they will be able to get insights into the what and why of social media too.

  • TED Talks: Social Media Marketing.
  • The #AskGaryVee Show.
  • Learn Social Media Marketing.
  • Free Social Media Certification.

Social media podcasts

Those who wish to learn while relaxing, working out, commuting somewhere or coming back from work to home, podcasts are among the best ways to do so. These podcasts will help aspiring social media marketers develop their social media expertise.

  • The social toolkit.
  • The social media examiner show.
  • Social media marketing podcast.
  • The social pros podcast.

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