Knuckle Duster

Knuckle Duster – The Weapon You Didn’t Know You Needed

While the world of weapons may be vast and technical, many simple ones fly under the radar. The knuckle duster is one of those offensive weapons that could potentially save your life and be quite handy when needed. 

Granted, you should know how to use one properly to get the best use out of it. Various names are also given to this weapon; some call them brass knuckles because they were originally cast in brass. 

What’s The Origin Of Brass Knuckles?

  • These particular hand-held weapons go back centuries. 
  • They were found in various parts of the world and were used in different ways in direct combat.
  • Eventually, they became popularized in the United States as well during World War I. 
  • Knuckle Duster, or knuckles as they are commonly known, became ideal self-defense weapons for soldiers. 
  • They later started using a version of knuckles with blades in the front, and they were called trench knives. 
  • They were useful in trenches where the soldiers fought face to face with enemies, but brass knuckles continued to be used afterward.

Can You Still Find Real Brass Knuckles?

  • Yes. You can find them within the United States; they are readily available at belt buckle stores and some weapon stores as well. 
  • They have been modified throughout the years and are available in plastic, other metals, and rubber. 
  • Despite the changes made to their form, they are quite useful in self-defense and can be lifesavers. 

What’s The Brass Knuckles Legality By State?

Given that knuckle dusters are available in stores and are in use, it begs the question, are brass knuckles illegal?

  • According to the United States federal law, you can legally purchase brass knuckles with licenses. 
  • There are, however, some individual states that have banned them for civilian use and have strict laws against them. 
  • Illinois, Michigan, and California are some states that don’t allow the purchase or use of brass knuckles. 
  • User discretion is, of course, advised in states that do allow them, and underage people are prohibited from buying them. 
  • Only in exceptional cases like self-defense against assault or intimidation, brass knuckles are forgiven and accepted as legally used weapons.

Brass Knuckles

What Kind Of Brass Knuckles Can You Get?

As unusual as it might seem, brass knuckles are quite useful in your daily lives. Just as knives afford certain security and power, so do knuckles. But some non-violent applications also make them quite popular as tools.

  • Self Defense

First things first, it has been established that brass knuckles are sufficient for protection. Two kinds of knuckles are useful for this; large, chunky knuckles and cat brass knuckles. The former is a two-finger knuckle that has cat-ear spikes on them.

These are used for dissuading assaulters or robbers if they physically hurt you. Women usually use these as they are wearable and can be passed as jewelry.  

  • Emergency Tool

There are two instances where knuckles have proven quite helpful in emergencies—breaking glass of a car window to rescue someone trapped inside on a hot day.

The other is breaking the glass to access fire extinguishers in case of a sudden fire. They can also be used to bust out of claustrophobic spaces or traps.

  • Novelties for Collection

You can find many modern versions of brass knuckles, usually called knucks. These are either used as fashion accessories or interior design artifacts.

Since they come in a variety of metals and designs, they are fantastic as decoration pieces. Weapon collectors also like to collect various kinds of knucks to show off. 

Buying Modern Brass Knuckles In The U.S.

If you live in the United States, you are in luck, as you will find abundant choices of brass knuckles for sale. Almost all states and cities will have someplace where they will sell brass knuckles. But if you can’t find them in your area, there are still ways you can get them.

There are plenty of online weapon retailers that have impressive collections of brass knuckles to choose from. You can find hundreds of choices online of functional and beautiful brass knuckles to collect and use. Since you can legally buy them, your best bet is buying online to avoid any issues. PA Knives is the online source for the best brass knuckles in town.

  • Cardinal Revenge Titanium Buckle Knuckle Paperweight

If you are looking for something to spruce up your interior space, this paperweight brass knuckle is ideal. It has a multicolored sheen and a durable design that will pop in your study and be useful as well. 

  • Bone Four Finger Defense Belt Buckle Brass Knuckle Paperweight

Something like this bone-design brass knuckle would make an excellent wearable accessory. It can also be used as a decoration piece, but it is fully functional as a weapon. It can fit easily in all four fingers and is used in emergencies. 

  • Life or Death Blood Splatter Knuckle Buckle Paperweight

For weapon collectors, this blood splatter knuckle fits the bill. It has a green and maroon contrast design that catches the eye, and it has a solid build. This can be an excellent addition to your knuckle collection

If you like the brass knuckles listed above, chances are you will love the online exhibition at Paknives. They are trusted retailers of the cheap brass knuckles, but their prices belie the quality of their products.

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