Best Telescopic Ladders – Which Adjustable Ladders Are Best?

This website is dedicated to helping you find the best telescopic ladders for your needs. It’s safe to say that adjustable ladders, have made otherwise extremely difficult tasks quite a bit safer, easier, and faster to accomplish.  It may be a little overwhelming to determine what may be the best ladder for your specific needs so we are going to cover some important factors and review the highest rated ladders to help you with your selection.

Telescoping Ladder Quality – The Most Important Factor

When you are looking for a ladder, the quality should be the top priority. This will cover every area of the ladder, from the look, design, safety features and durability. You not only want to have a ladder that provides you the ability to get the job done, you want to have peace of mind while you are working, that this ladder what built from the inside out with high quality standards. Take a look at the  highest options available and select which type of ladder will best suit your needs.

Tips for Selecting the Perfect Ladder


This will come in to play when you are deciding what you are going to primarily be using the ladder for. There are different models that are designed for specific tasks or projects. For example, there are models that enable you to create a flat working space in a stairwell and there are other models that allow you to work at higher heights or tighter quarters. Some of the higher priced ladders are able to transform to whatever position you may need, and therefore many do not mind the higher price for an all-in-one ladder.


As mentioned earlier, this is going to be the one area that you focus on. Something to keep in mind is, it’s not always best to go with something just because it is cheaper, especially when you are dealing with products that have a direct impact on your safety. Luckily today, most of the ladders have to adhere to safety standards but you will find that some of the higher quality ladders will have additional features that you may like such as ease of maneuverability and additional lock in safety features.


With the variety of different ladder options available, many people decide to choose a model based on the features. Some of the highest rated features include; no slip rungs, no slip feet on the ladder itself, safety closure systems which helps reduce the risks of your fingers getting pinched when closing the ladder, and fold- away storage capabilities just to name a few. If you know that you want any of these features specifically then you can narrow down the models to choose between pretty quickly.


The size of the ladder is something that many consumers do not think about. There is quite a bit of price difference between larger and smaller ladders so make sure that you are only getting the size ladder that you need and are going to use. For example; if you know that primarily you going to be using the ladder to change light bulbs, and reach higher areas inside the home, you are not going to need the same size ladder that would be required to use for cleaning gutters, accessing the roof, cutting trees, painting the house etc. Think of your tasks that you are going to be using the ladder for unless you like the idea of a larger all-in-one ladder that can be used of small and big projects alike.

Project Ideas

When you have a ladder that allows you to access areas that you were never able to before, it opens up an array of ideas and projects that you can accomplish. If you have a tall foyer in the entrance of your home that you always wanted to hang a wreath for the holidays you can now do that. If you have a tall stairway that you wanted to hang art or décor that you were never able to reach because the area is above the stairs, you can now do that. The ideas are endless from Christmas decorations, to interior painting ideas, to trimming trees and other landscape, to building a tree house.

Pick For Overall Quality

The Werner MT-22 telescoping ladder is consistently one of the highest rated ladders with endless uses. This ladder is able to provide so many different positions for so many different task requirements and the quality is superb.

The safety focus an features on this ladder will give you peace of mind and make you feel comfortable when you are working.

A high quality durable ladder at a fraction of the cost of comparable ladders.

There are 28 different working positions and even allows to be transformed into a two person stepladder.

The ability to collapse this  ladder down to a fraction of its extended size, makes transport even in a car accessible.

Pick For Quality On A Tighter Budget

The Xtend & Climb 770P allows you to have a telescoping ladder with some of the most popular features but does not carry the heavier price tag of similar ladders.

The main purpose of this ladder is to provide any homeowner the ability to accomplish most tasks in their home with relative ease.

It features a locking mechanism by the foot, so you are able to carry the ladder to the desired location and then extend the ladder to whatever height you may need for the task.

One of the main aspects is that you can store this ladder endless areas without using up much space at all. Safe, easy to operate and made of durable materials.

So Which Ladder Is For You?

Our recommendation is to go with something that you know you will use regularly. If you know you are going to be doing a lot of large outdoor projects than a larger model would be your best bet. However, while the idea of having a larger all in one ladder might sound ideal, this is going to be a much larger model that might make you hesitate to pull it out for a simple small project. Most tend to find that a smaller more compact adjustable ladder is easier to maneuver and can be extended for larger project needs as well. One of the most popular features as well of a smaller model is that it can be broken down to a smaller size or can be folded down to make storage simple and easy. Whatever model you may chose, remember that regardless of the design, features or size you chose, your projects will be faster, safer, more efficient and overall just easier when you utilize a telescopic ladder.

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