PHP Vs. NodeJS: The Battle Two Prominent Game Players

JavaScript’s increasing popularity has outpaced PHP’s fame. However, this, in no terms indicates that PHP’s power is any less than JavaScripts’. 

Earlier JavaScript used to carry out all the client-side tasks of an application, PHP managed its server-side.

When each language is concerned with just the work they are supposed to do, these times are over. Now, the work that just PHP could do can be quickly done using only JavaScript. 

How was this possible? By the introduction of NodeJS. NodeJS allowed the developer to use JavaScript to develop a full-fledged application, i.e., code at both the front and back-end. 

However, companies still prefer to hire PHP developers when they wish to build a dynamic application because NodeJS can never overpower individual abilities. 

Therefore, it is safe to say that both JavaScript and PHP are significantly different and have their own set of characteristics where one can be better than the other.

This does not imply that anyone of these technologies will be better than the other in every aspect. 

Let’s figure out where it is smart to use one of them: 

Areas where PHP rules:

PHP stands for hypertext processor, earlier called Personal home page. PHP is a general-purpose scripting language developed primarily to satisfy web development needs. It was launched by a Danish-Canadian coder Rasmus Lerdorf, in 1994.

  • Mixing Code with Content

If you wish to make your website aesthetically pleasing while showcasing an excellent performance, or if you need to blend text or data from your database, you can use PHP tags and start directly with writing the codes. The technology works so efficiently that every task feels like a template. Also, your developer would not have to elaborate on the architecture or add any extra files. 

  • Deep CodeBase

More than 50% of the whole web and popular sites are embedded with PHP code. In fact, many popular Content Management Systems like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla are coded in PHP. Therefore, it’s safe to say that PHP backs most of the sites on the internet, so if you wish to modify, update, or download any technology, PHP should be your choice.

  • Simplicity (Nearly)

When you start to look for PHP developers for hire, it would be possible for you to get your project developed quickly. Since PHP is simple, the developers would have to juggle up just a few strings and numbers to build a website. There’s a thin layer that regulates data transfer from port 80 to the database and back.

Areas where NodeJS rules:

NodeJS is a JavaScript-runtime environment, which has an open-source nature and is multi-platform. It executes the codes outside the web browser. NodeJS also allows a developer to use JavaScript to code the command-line tools and code the back-end of a website.

  • Separating Concerns

NodeJS allows the developer to write cleaner codes that are easier to comprehend; this is possible by adding structure and segregating the program’s logic layer and the cosmetic layer. NodeJS is backed by programmers who believe it’s better to keep the controller, view, and model separate. 

  • More Modern Features

NodeJS takes the developer for a joy ride as efficient websites can be developed using NodeJS, which has a modern syntax and a cluster of brilliant features like closure. A developer can reconfigure the website or expand the spectrum of its functionalities or develop dynamic libraries like jQuery using NodeJS.

  • Dozens of language options

NodeJS has a lot to offer. There are multiple significant languages which can be combined to run and function efficiently on the JavaScript. Some options most liked by developers are Java, OCaml, Scala, C#, and Haskell.


One thing that’s significant after drawing out the differences between the two is that both NodeJS and PHP hold various characteristics that suit them well in certain areas. Hence, it is safe to say that using one for the best-suited option is the most incredible option. However, whether you should hire a PHP developer or that of NodeJS depends entirely on your project’s requirements, what you expect out of it, and what features you wish to integrate into it. 

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