"Property Brothers" fans, rejoice! Drew and Jonathan Scott are finally premiering the seventh season of their HGTV show "Brother vs. Brother" on Wednesday.This time, the Scott brothers are facing off in Los Angeles with two new homes and (as always) a heaping dose of sibling rivalry.In fact, this season is sure to have an exceptionally…

Which Property Brother Is Better at Home Design?

“Property Brothers” fans, rejoice! Drew and Jonathan Scott are finally premiering the seventh season of their HGTV show “Brother vs. Brother” on Wednesday.This time, the Scott brothers are facing off in Los Angeles with two new homes and (as always) a heaping dose of sibling rivalry.In fact, this season is sure to have an exceptionally competitive edge because, after six seasons and three wins each, the brothers are out to break the tie and prove to home buyers (and their star-studded panel of judges) which brother is truly better at renovating homes.
Wondering who will win, or are you still struggling to differentiate one sibling from the other? Although these identical twins may seem to have strikingly similar design aesthetics, a closer look reveals that their tastes quickly diverge when they’re allowed to work alone. As proof, allow us to pull up some key flashbacks in the past six seasons that highlight what Jonathan and Drew did in their respective home makeovers. Check out just how different their designs can be, and see if you can tell who has the edge.Season 1: The Property Brothers prefer different floors These woods floors made Jonathan Scott’s house look very stylish.HGTV
In Season 1 of “Brother vs. Brother,” Drew and Jonathan worked on two homes in Los Angeles. This time, probably the biggest difference between the Scott brothers’ styles came down to what was beneath their feet: the floors.Jonathan, a licensed contractor, stuck with the tried-and-true hardwood floors throughout the home. Meanwhile, real estate agent Drew had some wood floors, but also added ceramic tile in the kitchen.Once guest judges David Visentin and Hilary Farr from “Love It or List It” inspected the brothers’ design choices, they seemed to lean toward the simplicity of Jonathan’s hardwood floors throughout.“My god, these floors are stunning,” Farr said. Drew Scott’s mismatched kitchen flooring didn’t impress the guest judges.HGTVBut which brother won overall? Drew. In the end, Jonathan’s renovation increased the value of his home by $42,000. However, Drew’s upgrades—with his mix of wood and tile floors—boosted the property’s price by $50,000.While the floors were just part of the overall renovation, they seemed to make a difference and suggest that sometimes, more floors are better than just one.Season 2: Drew and Jonathan do different-style desks Christina Anstead didn’t like the height of Team Drew’s desk, but a built-in office space still adds value to a home.HGTVIn Season 2, Drew and Jonathan took on new homes in Los Angeles, this time with an eye toward adding some work-from-home space. Drew added a modern, sleek design sitting at bar height. He explained that the desk was placed high so that the room could have something “a little different.”Meanwhile, Jonathan’s desk was more classic and comfortable, with lower seating and fitting perfectly into a nook in the bedroom. Team Jonathan’s desk would make a perfect home office.HGTVOnce this episode’s judges weighed in—”Flip or Flop” stars Tarek El Moussa and Christina Anstead—Jonathan’s more classic, comfortable desk was the clear winner.“One of the huge positives I see when I walk in is this built-in desk,” El Moussa said. “You could use it for work, and it has storage. I definitely think that’s a big value add.”Meanwhile, Anstead said of Drew’s higher desk, “I feel like it probably would have been better if it was lower, because the height of it’s kind of awkward.”But which brother won overall? Although Jonathan’s more traditional desk setup was the clear winner in this episode, Drew won the season overall. Despite his team’s awkwardly high desk, its renovation ended up adding $39,000 in value to the home, while Jonathan’s team added $32,500.This means Drew had won the first two seasons. Did his real estate agent background trump Jonathan’s contracting skills when it comes to home design? It sure looks that way so far.Season 3: The Property Brothers pick different tile Drew’s shower was chic and simple.HGTVBy Season 3, “Brother vs. Brother” had moved production from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. And this time, the brothers showed off their signature bathroom styles by choosing very different tile.Drew picked small, white rectangular tile that gave the bathroom a classic, delicate style. Meanwhile, Jonathan took a risk by mixing lots of different tile styles, including hexagonal stone flooring, rectangular slabs for the walls, and even a darker tile inset. Jonathan’s shower design was risky, but it looked incredible.HGTVAfter the renovation, the Scott brothers welcomed Visentin and Farr back to the show as guest judges. The “Love It or List It” stars had a hard time picking which bathroom they liked better, and in fact had to play rock, paper, scissors to decide on a winner. That turned out to be Drew (who by now was gloating over all his victories).But which brother won overall? While Drew’s classic tile won the bathroom battle, the real competition came at the end of the season, when both brothers sold their homes to see who could make a bigger profit. Drew’s home recouped a respectable $43,870. However, Jonathan’s made a bit more, at $45,018. Squeaker!Might Jonathan’s contracting prowess help him home in on upgrades with the highest return on investment? Perhaps. Whatever the reason, this season was clearly Jonathan’s turn to shine, since he’d finally won his first season of “Brother vs. Brother.”Season 4: The Property Brothers are divided over the outdoors Drew’s outdoor kitchen had everything needed for the perfect outdoor dinner party.HGTVThe competition was stiff as the brothers faced off in Las Vegas once again for Season 4.For this season, Drew decided to go all out in his backyard. He created a stunning outdoor kitchen, updated the fire pit, then perfected the pool area with lounge chairs. The style was traditional, but he gave it a fun vibe by dressing the space up with bright colors. Jonathan’s backyard had a chic midcentury vibe.HGTVMeanwhile, Jonathan chose a midcentury modern style for his Las Vegas home, so he styled the backyard to match. He chose retro chairs to place around an updated fire pit, added statement umbrellas to the yard, and even brought in a stylish daybed.Jonathan’s yard may not have had the outdoor kitchen Drew’s house had, but his midcentury modern style was more memorable.“I want this backyard to feel like a resort,” Jonathan said as he put the finishing touches on his yard.But which brother won overall? Jonathan, again. This season there were no judges—just home buyers making offers to see which house reaped higher returns. Drew’s home made $46,250 in profit, but Jonathan’s home sold for $60,500 more than he spent. Jonathan was on a roll, and had managed to come from behind and clinch two late wins to tie with Drew.Season 5: Drew and Jonathan deck their walls differently, too Drew’s green wallpaper accent wall was impressive.HGTVIn Season 5 of “Brother vs. Brother,” Drew and Jonathan each renovated a waterfront home in Galveston, TX. Both projects turned out amazing, but the homes had surprisingly different looks, especially in the main bedrooms. While Jonathan stuck with traditional blue paint, Drew went bold with green wallpaper behind his bed’s headboard,Guest judges Eric and Lindsey Bennett from “Desert Flippers” loved Jonathan’s blue hue, particularly its placement on the ceiling. Jonathan’s painted ceiling looked great with his dark bedroom design.HGTV“Painting the ceiling really makes the crown molding pop,” Eric said. “That’s a really cost-effective way to add a little pizzazz and take your eyes up and make it feel like the room is actually bigger than it is.”Nonetheless, once Eric and Lindsey saw Drew’s gorgeous green wallpaper, they felt this more original hue deserved top props in this episode.But which brother won overall? Drew. He’d rocked not only the bedroom, but the whole house, which ended up selling for a whopping $90,000 in profit. Meanwhile Jonathan sold his home for $70,500 profit—respectable but no cigar.Season 6: Jonathan and Drew tackle kitchen cabinets Drew chose a more colorful kitchen design.HGTVIn Season 6 of “Brother vs. Brother,” Drew and Jonathan took big risks when they bought two San Francisco homes sight unseen. Both of their houses were fairly run-down before renovation began, but by the end of the season, both places looked incredible—especially the kitchens.Still, these two kitchens could not have looked more different. While Jonathan chose sleek black cabinets around the kitchen and bar area, Drew decided on a two-tone look with wood-tone uppers and gray lowers. Jonathan impressed the Ford siblings with his sleek kitchen design.HGTVWhen guest judges Leanne and Steve Ford from “Restored by the Fords” came on the scene, they decided that Jonathan’s modern black design was the clear winner.“I loved the black-matte cabinets,” Leanne gushed. Leanne and Steve Ford wander around Jonathan’s renovated kitchen.HGTVBut which brother won overall? Jonathan. Kitchens can make or break a home sale, so this contractor’s daring cabinet choice gave him the edge and helped his home sell for $14,000 in profit, easily beating Drew’s measly $6,000 return.So who will win Season 7 of ‘Brother vs. Brother’?With Drew and Jonathan each notching three wins, we’d wager that the competition will be close in this newest season, too. Each will need to weigh his design risks with the rewards. Some of their upgrade gambles pay off, others will bomb.Nonetheless, if there’s one thing that past seasons of “Brother vs. Brother” makes clear, it’s that both Drew and Jonathan have stellar design skills—and that their styles differ more than you might think. Only time will tell who has the edge this season—and we’ll be sure to recap every episode, so don’t forget to tune in.

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