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Coaching classes in India trend or necessity?

These days, by the time kids come home from school, they just change and rush to attain their coaching classes. As children get older, so does the number of coaching classes they must attend.

During our time, we joined coaching classes only when you had to sit for board exams .

During our parents’ days there wasn’t even know concept of coaching classes.

India is a developing country and has undergone large-scale changes in its economy over the past two decades. Foreign companies have opened offices here, providing good packages and job security to many. However, the paths to obtaining these jobs are not easy.

Students must successfully graduate from reputed institutes and face a highly competitive environment for this. However, the quality of education has been under tremendous stress due to the lack of highly trained teachers . Students are expected to beat all the odds and pass various entrance exams.

Let’s take a example of our life ,when we open a newspaper will find half of page contain advertisements for these coaching classes. These ads give you various guarantees.

I could get into the best engineering program. and medical schools across the country

For the past decade or so, coaching classes have been aggressively struggling to fill this void. These classes post advertisements claiming to be the reasons for their students’ success. But we must take a step back and find out if these classes were as instrumental as they claim to be.

Advantages of attaining coaching classes

In almost all coaching classes have their own coaching class management software to manage coaching classes. It provide students with mock daily tests and quizzes and practice material. This helps students practice their understanding and application of various concepts. However, the practice questions are the same for everyone and do not address personal needs.

Students have some common reasons for attending training classes. The most common is the feeling of security. Students feel that by attending these classes, they choose a better group of teachers from their schools, as they charge a higher fee.

Also, sometimes students also have a follow-the-herd mentality and join these classes just because everyone else is.

What they don’t realize is that this scenario is just a failed replica of a school. Training classes fail to overcome the shortcomings of a traditional school.

Necessity of a coaching classes

Coaching classes always play an appropriate guiding role. If you want to keep racing, then you need a regular and routine life without stress.

 Don’t force your children to attend classes. Make them understand that these types of classes have actually attended a coaching class that has many benefits .

It will teach you more and make you update more, as these types of classes are full of new groups of students and their ideas and curiosity.

Let’s discuss the benefits below.

It empowers people and encourages them to take responsibility.

Increase employee and staff engagement

Improves individual performance

With a group discussion, you can get together and share some interesting facts with each other.

Group discussion enhanced your confidence

Demonstrates organizational commitment to human resource development.

Disadvantage of coaching classes

Many times these coaching classes turn out to be a nightmare for students. Individual attention becomes impossible for students to receive during training. It also creates a feeling of stress, as students in their training and in school need to maintain different types of study patterns along with homework.

In turn, coaching classes can also create an additional burden of expenses. A single training class is not enough for students from different schools. Therefore, there are different types of coaching for different subjects that make it difficult for students to face such coaching.

Therefore, training classes can never be an obligation in a student’s life. By choice only, a student can enroll in coaching. It can be a perfect example of crawl and error.

Coaching classes are always tried and tested before waiting for the final results. But once coaching becomes comfortable, students can turn to it; otherwise not.


Coaching classes will entertain you with a good speech and facts on a particular topic. The center will help you practice your work more due to the enormous pressure of home work so that you can get a good result on your exam.

At the end of the day, joining a coaching class is not synonymous with success. No matter how good a school is, it is up to the student to do the necessary work.

Frankly speaking, the student’s success depends on himself. Some students may find a better place to study in a training class environment. Some may be better at self-study and looking at a new book on their own.

They study topics that interest them and focus on them. Other students may need that little extra push that training classes give. The key is for a student to evaluate their study methods. Based on that, decide if joining a coaching class is a real need for them.

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