Conditioning Can Reduce Up To 20% The Autonomy Of An Electric Car
Conditioning Can Reduce Up To 20% The Autonomy Of An Electric Car

The Bad Use Of The Air Conditioning Can Reduce Up To 20% The Autonomy Of An Electric Car

The air conditioning systems of a car, such as heating, air conditioning or air conditioning, greatly increase the comfort of the vehicle occupants, although they also guarantee greater active safety, since thanks to technology we can modify the conditions of temperature and humidity of the passenger compartment and also avoid fatigue and distractions.


However, these systems that we use so much when driving may be affecting the performance of our car. According to a study carried out by, the differences in consumption between having the air conditioning activated or not range between 5% and 20%, depending on the average speed and the temperature inside the vehicle, since the higher the temperature, the lower the autonomy. So using air conditioning in an electric car can reduce its autonomy by up to 20% and you can buy electric cars from Auto For Trade.
Likewise, the differences in consumption between using, or not, an efficient model in an electric car oscillate between 5% and 10%, while this difference increases in the models that allow choosing between different levels of energy recovery.
may be affecting the performance of our car.
The report also reveals that the city is where the use of air conditioning has the greatest impact on the final consumption of the electric car, unlike the highway. So the impact on consumption will be less the faster you drive, without making many stops.

Finally, the study argues that electric cars achieve their greater autonomy on interurban circuits, where they reach 250 kilometers; unlike urban roads and highways, which run up to 232 and 213 kilometers, respectively. According to the study, the most efficient route in terms of autonomy for electric cars is the interurban one because the speed in these sections is not high and, therefore, the aerodynamic resistance does not have a great influence and there is greater regeneration of Energy.
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To carry out this study, the vehicle rental and fleet management company carried out a series of real field tests with the latest available generations of five different models: Renault ZOE, BMWi3, Hyundai Ioniq, Volkswagen e-Golf, and Nissan Leaf. To obtain the results, the professional pilots of the Driving School completed a total of 54 trips, which represents a total of 2,250 kilometers.

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