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Yummy And Super Tasty Kiddos Cake For Kid’s Birthday

Have you remembered your childhood, birthdays? So tell me, whenever you think about your childhood birthday, what memory comes first, in your mind. If you will ask me, it definitely would be unique cakes. I remember, I always used to be excited for my birthday party, because of cake and gifts. So today, I am going to give you some ideas about the cake for your kid’s birthday. Because every child is fascinated by his or her birthday cake. So today, I will give some beautiful and childhood kind of cake ideas just send christmas cakes online. Through this, you will also recall your childhood birthday memories. 

Bike racing cake

If your kid has a fascination with bikes and your kid’s favorite toy is the bike. So for him or her, this cake is perfect. As you can see in this yummy cake, a big road is made. There is also a bike, and it seems like a boy or a girl is driving. It looks so amazing and this is a fondant cake. This cake can easily be in your budget, you can get good deals if you order cake online. Your kid will be very happy, after seeing this cake. 

Barbie cake

As you know, it doesn’t matter at what age a girl. She is always crazy about Barbie, especially in childhood. So Barbie cake will make your princess very happy. She will definitely give you a tight hug. So you can definitely order this Barbie doll cake, for your doll. You should order this cake. If your daughter loves chocolate flavor more than any other flavor. You can convert it according to her desire. You can instruct your baker that only decor the cake with pink. 

Age cake shape

In childhood, every child wants to grow fastly. So that he or she can do anything without taking elders’ permission. So to make the excitement of your child growing as soon as possible. You can make the cake according to your kid’s age. It will be super fun and interesting concept for your kid’s birthday. If you don’t want to complete a number. You can tell your baker to make the number between the cake. So it will look quite different and attractive.

Fairyland cake


Fairyland and fairytale never be old for sure. It doesn’t matter how much today’s kids believe in science and technology. But fairytale and the prince- princess story, fairies story always make them excited. So this birthday, why not make your small fairy’s fairytale true through the cake and decoration. She will never ever forget her birthday cake. After being an adult, when she will look back at her birthday pictures. It will make her believe again, in fairy tales and take back her childhood. She will always cherish the memory of her birthday, because of her happy birthday then send cake online

Photo cake

I know, you will say what’s new in it, and what makes it exciting. Nowadays, everyone orders a photo cake for a birthday. I think you got your answer, nowadays, everyone is doing this. This will make it exciting. Because kids always want something that is in trend, and especially what their friends are doing. I know, this is not the right thing to do, what others are doing. But if it is about a birthday cake, then let it be. Because it is in trend. So a photo cake is such a beautiful way to relive old memories. You can print your kid’s first photo on the cake when he or she was born. This will be such an amazing surprise for your kid.

Cartoon character cake

We all are familiar with the cartoon and the kid’s relationship. They can live without their parents when they are watching their favorite cartoons. So why not, let’s surprise the kid with his or her favorite cartoon character cake. Your kid will be crazy after seeing his or her favorite cartoon character on the cake. So you can order a cartoon character for this birthday. 

So these are the cakes on my list. They all are so yummy and beautiful. These cakes can make anyone a child. So through your kid’s birthday, you can also relive your childhood. 

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