How much does it cost to ship a motorcycle across the USA?

There might be many reasons due to which a person would want to ship his motorcycle and there will be many problems which have to be dealt with properly. Many people who can spend large amounts of money to get their work done but on the other hand there are people who want to get their work in the most cost effective manner in the lowest budget possible. There are many companies who give services at higher rates and some of the companies would give the services at lowest rate but their services would not be of such quality.

The customers would have to choose the company wisely so that they can get the best services possible and they can also compare the services and prices of different companies altogether and decide which company will be the best suitable for them. Different companies have different set of standards and charge different prices according to their services.

The cost will merely depend upon the mode of transport you are choosing and if the customer has specific time constraints then the company will charge more In that case to make the motorcycle reach to the destination place early. The average cost in the USA to ship a motorcycle is around $500 and the price depends upon various factors such as the distance, mode of transport and various other things. 

These are the following factors which will decide the cost of shipping a motorcycle that whether the cost will be high or low.


In the usual cases companies charge more when they want to ship the motorcycle for a longer distance and charge less when they want to ship the vehicle for a shorter distance. The shorter trips will price between $200-$300 and long distance shipping includes cost around $400-$600.

 It is difficult to lower the budget when a person wants to ship his vehicle for longer distance because the motorbike transportation charges will eventually increase and practically it is impossible to drive the car for far distance. Therefore, people willing to ship the motorcycle for a longer distance should keep a budget little high so that they can manage the cost very well.

Different transport

It is important to choose the transportation between enclosed trailer or open trailer because if you are more careful about your vehicle and want to get your vehicle reach to the destination place in proper conditions then it is better to choose enclosed trailer otherwise you are going to put your vehicle at risk in the open trailer because there are no safety measure and they are more prone to accident, damage and theft . 

To avoid such situations and if you pay extra penny for the security of the vehicle it is always better to choose the enclosed trailer so that you won’t have to be stressed out regarding the condition and the safety the vehicle. If you have invested a large amount in purchasing a motorcycle then no one would want to get it damaged during the shipping of it due to which it is better to spend some extra money for the safety of the vehicle.

Size and weight

If the customer’s vehicle is on a heavier side then it will consume more space  during shipping therefore the cost for the big and heavy vehicle will be higher . But if you have a light weighed motorcycle then it will cost you less for shipping of it. 

If the customer owns a heavier motorcycle then they need to have a slightly higher budget so that can get proper quality services. But on the other hand if they are having a vehicle with the less weight then the shipping cost will be more affordable to them and they can easily transport them to the new place. But don’t always go for the companies who will take less payment from customers because in that case they will not use the best equipment for services and the safety of your vehicle will also be less.


The personal motorcycle insurance will not cover the damages during shipping. Due to this reason many of the shipping companies give cargo protection insurance to the motorcycle. It is up to the customers how much of the insurance coverage will they have to take. If you are planning to ship the motorcycle overseas then it is better to add more coverage. Because in this case your vehicle is more prone to have more damage.

With the help of above mentioned points you might have got an idea regarding the cost of shipping a motorcycle and how it has to be managed to lower or increase the cost. The average cost of shipping a motorcycle will be different according to the variation in the factor.

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