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7 Professional Secrets of Carpet Cleaning

The importance of keeping your carpet clean via routine professional methods goes a long way to extend their life. Deep cleaning takes out long-standing stains, dirt, and debris, and restores the carpet to newness. However, knowing fully well that expert carpet cleaning is not done every day, the big question becomes ‘what do you do to improve your carpet condition in the intervals between pro cleaning?’ What about stains and spills; what do you do to fix them? There are great carpet cleaning services in London, but you can adopt certain measures to keep your carpet looking great all the time.

In this post, you are going to see our recommendations for handling stains and protecting your carpet.

Here we go:

  • Don’t rub or scrub stains; blot instead

It is almost natural for people to want to scrub spilt drinks from their carpet. While this is not the right solution, it also damages carpet fibres. Rubbing stains will make it spread to other areas. So what do you do? Simply blot the stain by covering it with a clean towel and press down to soak in the liquid. Use more towels if the stain is much until the entire solution has been blotted. This technique does well to keep your carpet intact.

  • Avoid supermarket stain remover

While you go shopping for groceries and other household items, don’t give in to the temptation of getting a stain remover from the shop. This is because of the damage these products bring to carpets. In fact, they are not effective, and this puts the carpet at risk of irreversible damage. Should you want to take out stain and you’re not certain, use cold water, or a mild vinegar solution, or order our safe pro stain remover. Please don’t buy stain removers sold in stores and marts.

  • Use heat to take out wax

Most carpets get candle wax spills now and then. The first thing that will come to mind may be to pull the wax off. But when you do that, some carpet fibres will be pulled alongside. So you end up ruining your carpet. To be on the safe side, simply apply heat to the wax, and the problem is solved. How? Get a cloth, spread it over the waxed area, then heat the cloth by placing a warm iron on it—the heat transfers to the wax underneath. You can now scrape off the loose wax from the carpet using a blunt instrument.

  • Vacuum-clean your carpet regularly

Part of carpet care is routine vacuuming as it keeps your carpet dust and dirt-free. It also removes soiling and all that debris that masquerades the beauty of the carpet. Make it a habit of keeping your carpet clean with this machine every few days. It will increase the lifespan of the carpet, and make it comfortable for use.

  • Protect your carpet and upholstery

Buying a quality carpet is good, but getting a protective cover for it is even better. Accidental spills that turn into stains can be avoided when you have high standard carpet and upholstery protection. These materials won’t allow the liquid to seep in and makes removal easy. Again, dust and dirt cannot adhere to the carpet because of the protective cover. You wouldn’t like to see your expensive carpet being turned into a sorry sight due to stains and dirt. Good carpet protection may cost some money, but it’s worth it. Feel free to contact us for recommendations for quality carpet covers that will secure your investment.

  • Adopt a tried-and-tested stain removal procedure

Water and vinegar can do a great job of clearing out some common stains and spills. Follow this method:

  • Quickly blot out spills using a clean towel or kitchen roll
  • Use as many clean white towels as possible to blot up the stain until it is drastically reduced
  • Pour 4 parts of freshwater and 1 part of white vinegar in a bowl, and mix them together
  • Get a spray bottle and pour this mix inside. Spray over the stained area in little quantity per time
  • Keep blotting the area to take out excess moisture. Repeat this by separating and blotting till the stain clears off
  • Cover the area with towels and hold them in position with a heavy object to absorb the wetness and dry up the area
  • Allow the towels to remain like that for several hours. Should there be no stain transfer onto the towel and stain is not obvious, know that it has been removed effectively. But if you notice any stain after all this, kindly call in an expert carpet cleaner to treat and take out the stain. It’s better to hire a qualified hand to help you with carpet stain removal when necessary.
  • Get professional carpet cleaning every 6 to 18 months

Are you living alone and without pets? An extensive cleaning every 18 to 24 months would do. However, in a case where you have a good number of persons in your home and activities are going on every time, you need to deep clean your carpets every year. If there are pets in your home, then a 6 months routine cleaning should work. You would notice a great difference in the way your carpet looks after a pro cleaning. Always think in this direction and make it work if you want to get the most out of your carpet.

Don’t wait until it’s too late before making arrangements to clean your carpets. The fibres will get damaged, and cleaning results may not be impressive.

Feedbacks reveals that our professional carpet cleaning has been successful and many comebacks are as a result of that. Should you need a free quote for carpet cleaning, you can give us a call. We have a good team waiting to assist you in getting the best care for your carpet. Remember, wasting too much time before calling the professionals may not have good results.

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