Characteristics of a successful lawyer

What Are the Characteristics of a Lawyer in the New Normal?

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically altered the way we used to live and work. In certain countries, extreme protective measures such as quarantines have been introduced, influencing enterprises and workers in all industries, including legal ones. The attributes of a lawyer today, however, are far from the same as they were before.

Law firms have had to migrate the workplace from offices to homes. Thus, teleworking has been almost irreversible, also in the post-pandemic years ahead. This means that lawyers are experiencing a major shift in their profession, and it is time to take a new approach where there is no room for the opposition. It is essential to recognize that a lawyer’s profile and characteristics are inevitably changing and progressing to smart work.

Characteristics of a successful lawyer in the new normal

There are now new schemes and modalities from labor, ethical, and technical point of view to which a legal practitioner must adapt to be successful. In this sense, some of the critical attributes of a good lawyer in the modern normal are as follows:

By being resilient

After the contingency due to the coronavirus, maintaining the continuity of work in law firms represented a challenge, as it had to reinvent itself to continue working from confinement. Consequently, resolving challenging circumstances is undeniably one of the strongest features of a current practitioner, who has steadily learned to resolve the obstacles inherent in quarantine and establish endurance principles.

Facing this usually, lawyers are better prepared to work under pressure, face complex problems, and make sound decisions in times of uncertainty. Moreover, the young lawyer has learned to be confident throughout difficulty, have attitudes towards himself that he previously lacked, and improve his ability and move with his future predictions.

By working better as a team

There is no office and no personal contact with the staff does not mean that coordination compromised or that work should be individualized. On the opposite, lawyers are linked continuously in these conditions to ensure the practice is organized and effective. The desire to perform as a team and maintain regular interaction at all levels is one of a lawyer’s qualities in the modern standard. This includes recurring virtual meetings to align projects in general, discuss new concepts, and add the final finishing touches in more depth and in a timely manner.

By being more productive

In line with the other characteristics of a lawyer, business productivity is very important, with the intelligent use of time being one of the most determining factors. And the goal of every company is for a lawyer to bill more in less time. That only occurs when the lawyer properly uses his work time and devotes more attention to legal activities that help the firm, rather than administrative duties or other forms that are perceived as enmities of legal efficiency.

Therefore, the new lawyer knows how to arrange his time, prioritize his remaining duties, and assign other essential roles, not priorities to his job, such as customer accounts and compilation. Thus, the lawyer can spend much of his time in productive legal activity, which results in the company’s financial benefits.

By taking advantage of technology

For a lawyer to be able to work better as a team and optimize their productivity remotely, they need the support of digital and secure tools that allow them to streamline their work. Thus, in the modern standard, a lawyer’s characteristics are consolidated with the use of legal technology, which simplifies procedures and makes the company more competitive in the market.

Legal-tech tools allow a lawyer to synchronize directly with every country’s judiciary pages to handle all legal proceedings on the Internet. They also will enable the scheduling of meetings, the management of the client portfolio, the automating of the billing process, and the review of each firm’s viability, among many other functions. Thanks to these kinds of resources, the lawyer’s profile has become a high-performance technical talent for the company.


No doubt, encouragement toward teamwork, technological tools, and some other factors that we discussed above add to the characteristics of lawyers in the new normal. However, lawyers often remain busy with loads of tedious work that usually leaves them in a challenging situation where they become unable to balance their personal and professional life. If you are also one of the busy lawyers, you may consider legal support services to get expert assistance with your daily, hectic jobs and focus on the client, case handling, wining in the court.

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