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Nowadays Event Management became the talk of the town. It’s obvious because at present everyone wants to do things in a proper way & with proper planning & management. Here I am talking about Family functions & Occasions like weddings, birthday parties & many more. Everyone wants good planning & management for their family functions to make it big & memorable and now even small wedding is organized by event managers according to your budget gone are days where event managers used to organize only big fat weddings, the scope has increased they are ready to organize any event in a given set of the budget by the client. Events are conducted to sense of happiness among family and loved ones or some kind of celebration or a meeting in a corporate, you can work, organize these, and can earn praises with money.


So, Event management is project management it involves the creation and development of small & large scale events. These events include conferences, ceremonies, weddings, formal parties, concerts, and other functions. The Event Management course’s main motive is to teach you how to control and manage any events that can occur during the service operation. It involves understanding the brand, recognizing its targeted audience, and coordinating with the technical aspects before launching the event. Mostly in this field, the main works are planning, organizing, managing & coordinating various types of events. It takes a lot of planning before organizing or conducting an event as I told you before that “The Best Event is the Best Memory “. That’s why it is very important to organize an event that remains memorable for the client’s life. event Industry mainly depends upon mouth to mouth publicity, so do your work perfectly to gain more clients in future.


The main things that should be in the mind of an Event Manager:-


· Selecting and venues

· Coordinating outside vendors

· Engaging speakers or entertainment

· Arranging for transportation and parking

· Compliance with health and safety standards

· Crisis and situation management at the event

· Designing a security plan

· Monitoring the event  


Guests may not notice the work of an event manager, but they would put out the missing thing in that event.


Event planners go by many job titles, but the main function of their work is event management. When you work in event management, you’ll be involved in planning, executing, corporate association, government, and social events. The event management course will give you strong organizational, budgeting, and creative skills. The job market for event managers is growing, with some estimates that the need for event managers will increase by one-third in the upcoming years.


If you opt for event management courses in Indore, then you will need a Diploma Degree or a bachelor’s degree from good reputed institutes & colleges. Experience in hospitality or tourism management is also beneficial for becoming an event manager. A successful event manager is a person who has excellent organizational skills, interpersonal skills, and multitasking skills.


There is no limit bar for a successful event manager. While after completing a course in event management, a fresher can start their career with Rs.500-1000 per day, it means the starting salary for freshers in the private sector can be anywhere between Rs.15,000 and Rs.30,000. Once an event manager gains experience in this field, they can earn nearly Rs.50, 000 to Rs.1 lakh or above per event depending on his/her client.


Event management is a versatile field it’s not a job of a man’s job, to manage an event you need a team of a different person from a different field. This field expert needs to have a lot of on-field experience as challenges are not regular you need to get a solution with all stuff that comes as an obstacle in your way. 

The following are the traits which an event manager should possess to become a successful event manager and wedding planner

· Leadership skills

· Good decision-maker

· Human management skill

· Creative mindset

· Negotiation skill and many more

This field provides an opportunity for all irrespective of your degree and gender. A school going student can also join this occupation if he/she possesses what this demands. An average person who has a passion to do event management can do wonders in this field. This career option is booming every year as in India people spend more than on their children’s education. As mention earlier this is not a one-person job, event management is not only about wedding planning, it includes birthday kitty parties, conferences, festive events, etc. And to organize this many professionals are required DJ, artist, florist, photographer, etc. So this business gives or provides employment to numbers of other fields also. 

Event management requires practical knowledge which is provided by only a few institutes, you can join the best event management Institute which is in Indore. 

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