7 Library-Themed Living Room Interior Ideas

7 Library-Themed Living Room Interior Ideas

I’m going to introduce you to 7 interior ideas that you can use to decorate your living room like a library or study.

If you have a lot of books, how about decorating your living room like a library? In today’s article, let’s take a look at 7 interior ideas for a library-themed living room!

1. Library Themed Living Room: Traditional Classic Style

7 library-themed living room interior ideas -traditional style


This classic style that comes to mind when you think of a library or library is perfect for those who want an elegant and luxurious interior. However, in order to decorate a classic style library, there is a drawback of having to plan with a larger budget than other styles. Also, you need to have a large enough space in your home to create this style properly.

Classical Library interior of an old-fashioned atmosphere of the apartment or arches and Philly too , so naturally blend in with the decor (fine lines pores) let the house to see.

2. Modern modernism style

7 library-themed living room interior ideas-modern style


If you prefer a modern interior, how about a modernist style living room library? Modernist style is not recommended for those who want to fill the bookcase with books because it shows its true value when it is harmonized with minimalism, that is , a simple and simple interior .

Modernist style living room library interior should not miss two things: armchairs and lighting.

3. Library-themed living room: using bohemian style

Book Guam living room in bohemian style


A bohemian or boho style living room library is perfect for those who want a home full of personality Starting from Door Design to Walls. To decorate the living room library in a bohemian style, it is recommended to use wood or materials that match the overall interior of the house.

If you want to give your bookshelf an’organic’ atmosphere, you can place a flower pot . Vibrant plants such as flowers and vines will add a soft and warm feeling to the library in your living room.

4. Library-themed living room for kids

Library-themed living room for kids


For families with children, it is a good idea to decorate your living room like a library and encourage reading naturally. How do you make your living room a comfortable, calm reading environment for your child?

Place children’s bookcases and other furniture for your child, and place shelves too high so that your child doesn’t lose reading the desired book. Also, by arranging a table with many drawers or storage space, children can take out and use frequently used items immediately.

5. Library-themed living room: Give points with bold colors

7 library-themed living room interior ideas-dark blue walls


A library-themed living room doesn’t mean that it should always be decorated in a solemn and heavy atmosphere. Use bold and vivid color bookshelves to give your interior a point. You can choose a point color to use for one wall and bookcase, and decorate the living room to match this color well.

6. Don’t forget the importance of’comfort’

7 library-themed living room interior ideas


A library-themed living room also needs a space to relax. Use a reclining sofa, modular lighting, and stereo system to create a cozy and comfortable space.

The comfortable atmosphere is also greatly influenced by the colors used in the interior. If you want an elegant yet cozy atmosphere, you can use classic wood and leather furniture.

7. Library-themed living room: a square bookcase is a must!

7 library-themed living room interior ideas-ladder


To make your living room perfectly like a library, you need to choose your bookcase. The square bookcase creates an atmosphere different from the general elongated shelf-type bookcase.

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