How the future phones are going to be a lot more innovative than today’s phones

Smartphones today come with impressive features and latest technology. From faster, octa-core processors to 16GB RAM phones, the latest, high-end smartphone models are indeed powerhouses. If we talk about innovation in the smartphone industry, we are on the cusp of technological revolution, as brands like Samsung continue to pour in their resources to develop truly futuristic handsets. An example of that is the latest Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 smartphone, which could pave way for future smartphone models.

While we remain in awe about how the current smartphone models are undergoing rapid transformations, it is very likely that ten years from now, these models will be seen as antiquated and archaic. Over the past ten years, we’ve seen smartphones morphing from just mobile devices that we use to communicate with each other, to futuristic models that seamlessly combine the functionalities of a camera, a music player, and a laptop among multitude of other devices.

If we can take a peek into the future, here is how the smartphones of tomorrow can be more innovative than the models available today.

Innovative Displays and Foldable Phones

More recently, Samsung and Motorola unveiled their new foldable smartphones. While both the brands have done remarkable work on the innovative side, it will still take some time for such phones to become mainstream, as they are expensive.

For instance, it wasn’t long ago when people believed that 5G-enabled handsets would be expensive. However, more recently, OnePlus launched OnePlus Nord, considered to be the best smartphone under 25000. The 5G-enabled mobile device comes with high-end features and mid-premium processor, but the brand found a way to offer the smartphone to the mid-range consumers. 

It will take at least a few more years before such smartphones are made affordable, but as smartphone brands continue to make rapid advancements in innovation and technology, it won’t be long before they find a way to bring down the price tag.

So more and more consumer could afford these kind of innovative smartphones.

Another example is Realme latest phone, Realme X50 5G, which is already tipped to compete with OnePlus Nord for the tag of best smartphone under 25,000 INR. Similarly, in the not-too-distant future, brands will find a way to offer smartphones with innovative displays, and foldable smartphones to the average consumer.

Over-the-Air Charging Feature

Certain brands already offer the wireless charging feature with laptops, where the device can be kept on a charging pad when it has very little battery left. This wireless charging technology is expected to revolutionize the smartphone industry as well; over the past few years, smartphone brands have been thinking about ways to offer greater convenience to the consumers. This has led to the development of the fast charging feature in smartphones, and over-the-air charging is the next logical step.

Companies like Energous are already working on over-the-air charging technology, and it might not be long before it becomes commonplace with smartphone users. Certain companies are also thinking about using smartphone cases themselves as wireless chargers, and no matter what the method may be, the future of smartphones certainly looks promising, as well as exciting.

Stretchable Displays

We’ve all seen Sci-Fi films involving devices with stretchable displays. That may no longer remain a fantasy, as brands are pushing their R & D departments to come up with smartphones with stretchable displays. For instance, Samsung announced and revealed their stretchable display prototype a couple of years ago, which can be stretched or dented upto 12mm without causing any damage to the screen. With more innovation, we can see smartphone brands offering mobile devices with stretchable screens, which can let you use your smartphone as a tablet or a laptop!

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