Should I Pack Lightly and Wash My Clothes When Traveling?

It is fun to travel and explore different places, not until you have to carry around an extended wardrobe. A large suitcase full of unnecessary things will surely weigh you down. You would have limited movements, and most of the time, you are carrying a dead weight because it would be packed with dirty laundry.

Instead, bring the clothes that you would surely wear and the essentials you need. You could wash your clothes by making use of the laundry services at your destination. There’s nothing wrong with wearing the same favorite clothes during your travel as long as you enjoy your stay. 

How to Pack Lightly

Traveling light can help reduce costs– you do not have to spend another dime checking in your baggage. Large baggage would cost more, especially when you are going home. Would you pay for extra cash for a dead weight? Bringing several clothes would lead to a large pile of dirty laundry, and you would carry that laundry around.

But, if you pack lightly, you will become responsible for washing your clothes during travel to have something to wear in the next days. 

Plan Ahead

First, you have to consider your destination– what would be the weather when you are there? The weather makes a massive difference in the things you have to bring.

Sometimes, we overpack things because we do not anticipate our trip. It would be best to try packing the things you ought to bring. Once you have laid out all the clothes and essentials you think you might need, remove those extra items.

You have to convince yourself that wearing the same favorite outfits repeatedly will be a normal thing to do for you to pack light. There are ways to repeat your clothes during the trip. Let’s say visit a laundry service to have your clothes cleaned.

Pre-Flight Checklist

Now that you have planned, it is best to make a pre-flight checklist to get things in order and prepare all the essentials you need.

Aside from passport and wallet, you have to consider some considerations– does your destination have a visa requirement? Do you have to get a series of vaccinations? What is the essential cost of living?

Efficient Packing

There are probably several blogs that tell you what to pack, but no one has pointed out the benefits of minimalism. A minimalistic approach is the best way to become accustomed to your new environment.

  • Prepare an outfit that you could wear on casual occasions that makes you feel comfortable walking around. If your trip is not solely for pleasure, then bring one business attire.
  • Ensure that you could wash these clothes in one load at the laundry service.
  • Bring fabrics that are not delicate. So, you could fold them and not worry about ironing them.
  • Only bring travel-sized essentials to reduce the weight of your bag.

Remember only to bring the things that you would wear and use.

Travel with a Small Carry-On Bag

You would want to use a carry-on bag for a short period of travel. It’s better knowing you do not have to check in your luggage at the airport– no additional fees, and you do not have to spend time waiting at the luggage carousel. Also, packing with a small bag will put limits on the things you will bring. 

These are some of the few things you have to remember for a minimalistic approach to packing light for your travels. Although this could be unfavorable for you, you should practice this habit bit by bit, and in time, you will feel the freedom and joy in packing light.

Wash Clothes During Travel

There are several options for washing clothes during travel– it would depend on your budget, destination, and travel style. A few selections could be:

Hotel Laundry Services

Most hotels or some accommodation places offer laundry services. However, it could be a little expensive than the other options. Also, the rate varies in which destination you are traveling. The only trade-off of using hotel laundry services is convenience.

Hand Wash in the Bathtub or Sink of Room

If you are on a tight budget, you may wash your dirty clothes after your long day wandering around the place. Hand washing in the bathtub would require you to bring drain stoppers. Also, it would be additional baggage to bring laundry essentials.

Laundry Services

If you do not have the time to wash your clothes in your hotel room but have a spare budget to hire a laundry service at a cheaper option, then look for a laundromat near your place. Laundry services offer every laundry needs, including dry cleaning.

Final Thoughts

Travel light to enjoy more of the destination. You do not necessarily need to bring all the clothes in your closet. Bringing your favorites and the essentials are enough. Wash your clothes on travel to not bring along dead weight, and have clean clothes whenever you need one. Laundry services are the best option for those who have enough budget and do not have the time to handwash their clothes.

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