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Four signs your fiber optic cable needs a repair

Only until a few years ago, fiber optics were not a common-use technology. People considered it to be of use for high-end businesses. But those times are over now, and businesses operating with various networks and environments can opt for optical fiber cables. The only trick is to find out the best quality copper cables.

Well, technology is surely beneficial, rather crucial to opt for as a business. But you must be aware that installation and then fault-finding and repair requires expertise. So when you decide to install these cables, you need to be on the lookout for one of the best optical fiber companies around you.

This article aims to introduce you to the signs which direct you to suspect a fault and see a repair for your structured optical fiber network.

Signs of Optical fiber faults you must not ignore

Getting exciting about the usage and utility of technology is inevitable, as optical fiber is the best option for network cabling. In the meantime, you have to be careful once installed. Troubleshooting the problems will not be easy. This it is important to be knowledgeable on the issues behind certain common faults. These underlying issues are as follows:

  1. Physical stress on the cable caused by Excessive flexing or bending
  2. Contaminated or dirty connectors causing signal loss
  3. Faulty connectors used in the structure causing loss of signals
  4. The low-quality cable used
  5. Long optical fiber cable span causing loss of signal

You can determine the root cause of the fault if you have a professional optical fiber company in touch all along. The professionals of structured cabling UAE will shed light on the situation in case you are facing any of the following signs:

1.      Signal loss

Signal loss is the most common problem related to optical fibers that signal towards a repair. When you are experiencing a signal loss, you need to carry out loss testing. For this, a professional will connect a power evaluator to an optical light generator.

This source or light generator will help the professional set the dBm range and wavelength before reporting the signal loss. In the case of a high-quality optical fiber used in structured cabling, each connector may display a signal loss till o.5db for a maximum limit of 0.75db.

2.      Patch Leads

You need to use the appropriate mode of patch lead. These leads are often color-specific, and if you do not plug them correctly, you will not be able to see the results you expect to. For instance, there are separate leads for each, audio, video, power, colors, etc.

3.      Dirty fiber

We saw in the underlying issues that dirty fiber is one of the key reasons behind the signal loss. If your fiber optic cable has scratches or dust particles, then you can consider it contaminated. Even if there is an accumulation of epoxy raisin on your cable, there will be a significant signal loss.

These contaminants can be observed by using a fiber-optic microscope before making a decision to clean the cable. These microscopes are exceptionally helpful tools scientists have designed for the inspection of cables. After getting the fiber cables and connectors cleaned or repaired, you can aim for a better data response with no signal loss.

4.      Fiber optic transceivers

The transceiver is a combination of two words: transmitter and receiver. Transceivers are an important component of a fiber-optic network that empowers the system for optical connectivity. If the transceivers are not sending and receiving data properly, you may not receive the data correctly or send it back.

These are the devices that act as media converters, so you have to ensure that at the time of installation, the professionals use compatible devices. You can trust the professionals dealing with structured cabling in the UAE to use compatible data transmitter and receiver device for your network. Do not compromise on the quality of repair service or devices that you use for business needs.

Are you opting for structured cabling for your business?

Gaining exposure towards the faults and underlying issues is the first step while trying something new. You must have read the list above, and the description of some signs that tell a fiber-optic structure requires a repair. These signs should work as a checklist for you w-once you have installed an optical fiber network.

Loss of signals can become a cause of frustration and impede work productivity. Optical Fiber cabling is a state of the art solution to all the network connectivity issues in the modern-day. Make sure hire with the most reputed professionals when you are acquiring such a service for your business.

Do not hesitate to opt for this new technology just because there will be technical problems. The technicians are there to solve those for you.

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