Health Tips For First Time Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a whole new chapter of your life. You must be feeling excited, joyous, and might have a fear as well. Make your journey through it memorable, by spending more time with your partner, having complete rest, eating healthy food, and exercise. Since it is your first time you can have issues with it. You have to go through several phases and all with altered intensities.

Here are some of the common first-time pregnancy issues and cures for them discussed. These will make you feel comfortable. These health care tips for first time pregnancy are really worth.

Nausea and dizziness

You may feel nausea most of the time. After having meals you may sense heartburn. These are the common pregnancy issues that prevail during the first trimester in most of the cases but in some, this is the situation throughout. Feeling dizziness and faintness may be because of your sugar level misbalance. So try to take a balanced diet during pregnancy, to maintain your body osmosis.


Vomiting is the most common troublesome event which normally prevails in the first trimester. Vomiting may contain blood, or whatever you have taken just before. You can have it three to four times a day so there is no need to worry. Keep yourself calm and contact your doctor for this. He might prescribe you medicine for that accordingly.

Restlessness in the morning

During pregnancy, you will constantly feel restless and tired, when waking up. This condition prevails during the first trimester, or in some cases throughout the pregnancy. So take complete rest in pregnancy. This will prove healthy for you and the baby as well.


There are more chances of miscarriage during the first trimester than afterward. So give time to the embryo to settle down. Again, complete rest will make you feel better and the risk of miscarriage will reduce to considerable limits. Neither lift any weight nor work much. Try to maintain your body’s metabolism.

Keep tracking your weightage

Keep in touch with your doctor regarding the weightage of yourself. Your weight should increase to a certain limit after every month of pregnancy. Your weightage is a clear indication of the growth of the baby. So keep a track of your body functioning. As long as your body will function well, the baby will remain fine.

Eat healthy and fibrous

Try to maintain a healthy intake daily. The fibrous fruits will make your stomach healthy. It will prevent you from constipation, which is highly dangerous for a pregnant woman. Severe constipation increases the risk of miscarriage at an early stage of pregnancy. Take precautions while taking food. Do not eat fish frequently, but once or twice a week. Eating fish to a certain limit makes your baby active and mentally sound. But excessive intake of it may cause damages. So be moderate and mindful about what you eat and drink.

Exercise daily

Take exercise daily but only for 15 to 20 minutes to keep your body warm and working. You can go for swimming. But always remember, exercise doesn’t means jogging. Even walking for a few minutes will be enough for you. This is only meant to keep your body warm and its metabolism intact.

Labor pains

Since this is your first time you won’t be able to guess what it feels having labor pains. You might have cramps in the back with the interval of approximately 20 minutes, you may have bleeding. Contact your doctor or a nurse in such a condition.

Surrogate Pregnancy

Surrogacy pregnancy is the way to carry and give birth babies for biological parents. The health care methods for surrogate pregnancy are almost the same as regular pregnancy. Thus the pregnancy starts after the IVF process so there are several risk factors that you need to consider while working as a surrogate mother. You can learn more about surrogate motherhood or madri surrogate as complete surrogacy guidelines.

Final thoughts

First-time pregnancy feels uncomfortable in many aspects. Take proper rest and sleep, this will reduce your problems to a certain limit. Be very much careful during the first trimester, it is the most sensitive time for an embryo. Take a healthy diet and a proper intake of water. We already have shown the complete health care tips for first-time pregnancy, you might visit your doctor while face difficulties.

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