Effective Tips for Vloggers, Beginners and Advanced

Vlogging is a rage these days. Its craze is spreading globally. So much so that even celebs have started their vlogs and they are quite committed to producing engaging content. This means that the vlogging space is crowded and with vlogs for every possible niche, you have to be unique and outstanding to be found in this competitive arena.

Most people prefer YouTube for their vlogging ventures. It has monetization benefits. Besides, who doesn’t want to go viral and have a massive fan base? Moreover, vlogging doesn’t involve much expenditure. The equipment and gadgets are a one-time investment. Other than that, all you need is a smooth internet subscription.

I have been vlogging for over a year now. And I started with the basic camera of my iPhone 11 Pro Max and my subscription to the internet by Spectrum cable Texas. I have been consistent and I have managed to engage over 10.5 k subscribers on YouTube. However, having a successful vlogging career is much more than just picking up a camera and speaking. Therefore, let’s share some effective tips.

Choose a Niche You’re Passionate About

If you plan to take vlogging as a career, you need to choose the perfect niche. A niche that doesn’t only interest your audience but interests you too. If you start a vlog about something you are not really into, you will be bored before you know it. And successful vlogging quintessentially requires being consistent and engaging.

Therefore, you can only maintain it if you love what you are doing and talking about. Some of the most-watched vlogging genres are beauty, health, fitness, travel, life hacks, cooking, gadget reviews, and the list goes on.

Be Natural

Vlogs are peeks into your personal life, hobbies, activities, and opinions. They are not movies or shows that you have to speak like reading from a script or something. Therefore, you need to be your natural self in those video snippets.

Being natural is quintessential to the art of vlogging. And if you fail to be natural, you will lose followers. Trying to act, mimic someone else, or copying someone else’s lines can make your audience think that you are trying to trick them.

However, this doesn’t imply that you can’t rehearse or practice before recording.

Follow What’s Trending

No matter how interesting your vlogging utopia is, no one wants to follow something that feels like completely cut off from the world. Therefore, whatever your niche is, make a point to discuss and follow the trends. After all, the whole hashtag culture is about bringing in what’s trending.

Always give coverage to what’s new and interesting in your niche. For instance, you have a beauty channel and you create makeup looks. Whenever there’s an event like Met Gala, Globes, or Grammys, make sure you re-create the looks of some of the popular actresses and models. Your viewers are guaranteed to love it!

Get Your Hands on the Best Gadgets

The possibilities with your vlogging venture are endless. You may end up hitting millions of followers and YouTube can start monetizing your channel. Therefore, if you are aspiring to achieve great things then you should invest in it too. While you are spending your hard-earned bucks on buying the best quality vlogging equipment and gadgets, know that it is a one-time investment. It can go a long way!

Therefore, stockpile your vlogging stash with killer weapons. This includes cameras, mics, tripods, editing software, and of course, a laptop. Invest wisely and secure your future in vlogging!

Always End a Vlog in a Unique Way

It is a popular notion that the beginning and the end have the strongest impact. And rightly so! If you do your vlogging right, you can ensure user engagement. And user engagement is one of the key factors to enhance your rankings. Therefore, pay special attention to the beginning and the ending of your vlogs. Make sure they include some key points worth sticking to.

Moreover, to make your vlogs more engaging, here are some quick tips:

  • Dress nicely.
  • Change your backdrop location periodically.
  • Incorporate humor, puns, and interesting facts in your content.
  • Keep it quirky and intriguing.
  • Promise a bonus part in the beginning for those who make it to the end.
  • Edit your video using the best tools and software programs for promising results.

Lastly, if you are going live on Facebook, YouTube, on Insta, make sure you have a powerful internet connection with plenty of bandwidth. I figured out that leveraging the Live Video feature of social media is an effective strategy to engage your audience. Therefore, I subscribed to one of the Charter Spectrum internet packages. Trust me, no one would stick to watching a live video with lags and interruptions. So, invest in your internet subscription!

Leverage Other Social Media Platforms 

Yes, YouTube is great! But there are other social media platforms too with millions of daily users. You need to leverage those forums to target more audience. So, be creative with using snippets of your vlog on other social networking sites.

For instance, you can post a sneak peek of your new vlog on your Insta story or Facebook. Or, you can share an intro video about your upcoming series of vlogs on your WhatsApp status. The possibilities are endless. You just need to be creative!

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