Direct Selling

Hiring Direct Sellers Can Help Your Company Succeed!

Direct sales, also known as direct selling, is a conveyance strategy that depends on free salesmen who sell items and other services legitimately to customers outside of a conventional retail setting. Dissimilar to salaried or dispatched salesmen who are utilized by an organization to sell items in a physical store or via telephone, these agents are independently employed and answerable for buying their own advertising materials and relevant product samples, setting their own timetables and paying their taxes straightforwardly to state and government income offices.

In simple terms, the whole process happens without direct involvement from the company as their involvement ends as soon as they provide the sellers with their product.


The sellers acquire a commission on the deal cost of the items and services that they sell. In customary retail deals, a maker or distributor offers items to a physical store or online business organization who at that point exchange the item to the final client. In direct deals, agents don’t sell from a physical store, albeit many may have sites from which they sell their items and other services, or draw in possibilities for deals.

Normally, an immediate salesman sells items and administrations at first to companions, relatives, and collaborators. After some time, a successful agent builds up a bigger pool of clients through referrals and showcasing his or her endeavors. People who sell in this method use one of three traditional procedures: 

  • Parties at Home
  • Online Sales
  • In-Person Demonstrations 

Details on the Methods

The methods for prime marketing followed are limited but they have a very specific manner or way of being carried out. Home parties, the seller reaches out to a friend and asks them to host a party at their home and invite potential customers. At the party, once the environment is open and comfortable, the seller starts to pitch the product (usually ends up gaining some sales) to the people who are attending the event. After the party is over, the host gets a specific percentage of money earnt from sales as a payment for hosting the party. For other methods such as online sales, the procedure normally requires them to have a website or a portfolio or any sort of account that showcases what they are selling and what services they are offering.

When potential customers come across their website, they are inclined to check it out and hence end up buying the products. Another common procedure is one which requires in person sales. This is usually the most effective as the potential customers get attention which is one on one and hence feels very special. Moreover, the seller usually manages to make a connection with the customer which convinces them to buy the product. 

Is Multilevel Marketing the same thing as doing direct sales? 

Direct Selling and Multi Level marketing are two things which are not supposed to be mixed or confused with the other. Multi level marketing involves direct sales recruiting and often works in the form of a pyramid scheme. This means that the person who referred the new seller gets some portion of their commission as a “finder’s fee”. This chain goes on and on and allows one to end up with a responsibility or organisational structure which looks very similar to that of a pyramid.

Direct Selling businesses usually prefer lone sellers rather than recruited ones as they know that there is no agenda behind their work. However, direct sales companies are also very popular due to the expertise and potential success that they provide. At the end of the day, one thing is crystal clear. The process where goods are sold directly to the consumers is one’s best bet to be successful. 

Advantages of doing sales directly 

Being a seller which follows this method has its own advantages, for both the person who is doing the selling as well as the company itself. The company gets the opportunity to increase its sales and to get its name out where people would eventually end up buying more of their products. For the sellers themselves, they gain advantages such as having their own personal selling schedule with no one to answer to and being highly cost-effective as there is no additional fees or anything of the sort. 

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