How to Build an In-House Product Photography Studio


By the increasing number of e-commerce businesses, most of the traders would like to build an in-house product photography studio. Why are the entrepreneurs coming forward to setting up such kind of studios? Reasons- it saves costs, also saves time, captures quality images, removes the stress of a photographer. On the contrary, hiring professional photographers or renting studios for product photography can prove to be expensive.

Most of the entrepreneurs have a dream to build an in-house studio, but in the course of time and budget, they cannot overcome this fact. Planning how to set up an in-house photography department can be useful thought for building an in-house photography studio. However, you need to have enough ideas which can help you to reduce your cost and consequently it’s no longer than a professional studio. A spacious room, high-quality camera and lenses, light source, background, tripod, backdrop, and its materials, photo editors, etc. are necessary elements for making an in-house product photography hub.

As it’s a part of your business, investing is not a matter. Again, you will get benefit from your e-commerce business rather than hiring. This article aims to represent some tips and tricks for making an in-house studio most easily.


Need a Spacious Room for E-commerce Product Photography: 

Product photography is one kind of craft. So, every word of it is very potential both for traders and retailers. Especially, you should not take your studio in a tiny room or a guest room, or even your garage. Not only a specious room is useful but also it is necessary to keep a well-decorated as well- lighted room. Without proper lighting, your e-commerce product photography would be meaningless. Make sure that the place you are choosing for a studio that will contain enough windows for allowing the natural light source.

Importance of Camera, Lenses, and Tripod:

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The camera is considered the heart core of image Photography. As you run an e-commerce business, you never think of sharing the bad quality of images. Besides, a high-quality camera can produce a perfect picture, which is helpful for photo editing services. Due to the product types and sizes, you have to carry different lenses and a tripod. In product photography, sometimes the lens is more important than the camera itself as it gives the images sharpness as well as its clarity. Mostly it controls the whole image. Another significant part is a tripod that affords stability to the camera, and it avoids camera shake by the operator in those situations where longer exposure times are necessary, and it helps to produce sharp images.

How about Folding Table, Paper, and Backdrop Stand:

Whenever you desire for a comfortable place for capturing your product images, you should never exclude the vital need of a folding table. To take a quality image for e-commerce business, you have to shoot for a different product (tiny or large), and thus a foldable card table gives you the best result. For the light reflection, you should select a perfect backdrop stand where stings white paper or cloth in a stable position. The purpose of using it is to reduce the shadow of the product on the other side of the window. To decrease the amount of post-production work, you need to keep these materials.

Photographers and his Accessories:

“It’s a well-furnished studio, spacious and well-lighted or others; Are enough for the perfect studio?”

Every time, you’ll never count a quality image. Although you have taken a drastic measurement, it’s a witty thought for keeping professional photographers and his dealing materials. Experts know the fundamental skill of photography that is better for the development of your e-commerce business. The camera’s images fail to fill for various posting as it bears drawbacks. For getting perfect pictures, photo editing services gives the photo so many opportunities for enhancing that can touch the customer’s feeling, and it is potential for growing business.

Light Source:

Without setting up an exact light source, all your investments for product photography turn into futile. Perfect lighting gives the potentiality of the images. The natural night is important than artificial lighting. A large window of a specious room allows proper light on the products. Since the product is tiny, you will be able to manage with a small window. A product surely needs the best source of light. For steady photography, natural light is not stable, and consequently, you have to think of artificial lighting. Electrical bulb, stand, and umbrella can be the origin of your artificial light. Use different sizes of light stands due to the product category. Keep several lighting sources that are comparable to natural light.

Other Necessary Things:

The product that you are going to shoot must have clean and polish then it takes too much time on the post-production activities. To get your product photo a glossy look, sometimes you need a spray or a washer- even a different color of the reflector. For taking an eye-catching image, you can refine, even cut out unnecessary elements or modifying of it.

What about Facilities:

Whenever you talk about its facilities, the first thing has come out that you never mistake giving the right product to the customers because trustworthy business relics on picture matched delivery. As you’ve made up your mind to build up a studio, you have received an idea that the difference between an independent production house and a hired studio. The best out coming of it is that you can check out the products of achieving its quality.



A studio is a powerhouse of a professional photographer. When you are running an e-commerce business, quality image plays a vital role in driving sales. So, why do you choose “less invest” on purchasing for low-quality equipment for your studio? You know that “As you sow, so you shall reap.” Additionally, a quality instrument can produce High-quality photos. Being passionate about it; are you ready to build an in-house product photography studio?

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