Why Flutter App Development is Trending in 2020

Why Flutter App Development is Trending in 2020

Know Why Flutter App Development is Trending in 2020: In this modern era of technology, smartphones have become a very important part of our day to day lives. Also today, all the services that you use on smartphones are being replaced by apps. So, one can say that mobile apps have brought a huge revolution in the world of smartphones. The smartphones have almost become app-oriented as every business has got its own apps to serve their customers. But, due to high competition, many business applications have to suffer failures due to various factors like improper testing, not so user-friendly features, originality factor, improper technology, etc.

Why Flutter App Development is Trending in 2020

So, it’s very important that you address all these factors well enough to earn great revenue and beat the competition. To do so, your mobile apps should have high features, must be customer-centric and free from all the bugs. A proper selection of the right technology plays a very important role in achieving the desired results.

Nowadays, there are many Software Development Kits (SDK) available in the market which make the App Development process easy. React Native, Xamarin, Android SDK, Java and Kotlin are some of the examples trending today.

One such example which is grabbing everybody’s attention today is – Google Flutter (released in 2017). Even though being a newcomer in the mobile app development industry, Flutter App Development has been reaching great heights due to its distinct features and multiple benefits. This cross-platform app development technology is visually appealing and very easy to access on both the Android and iOS platforms. It requires very limited time and resources earning you great profits. Here, we will have a detailed discussion about the Flutter, its benefits, and why it is a development trend in 2020. So, let’s have a brief idea about the Flutter.

What is Flutter

Flutter is an open-source UI Software Development Kit created by Google which has all the tools required for cross-platform mobile app development. Its SDK kit consists of all the ready-to-use widgets, command-line tools, engine rendering, API testing, and integration. Flutter App Development Services use a single codebase which helps to develop applications for Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows, Google Fuchsia, etc. Another unique feature of Flutter is that it follows a reactive development architecture where it automatically adjusts all the UI contents when the variables change. Facebook’s React Native took up this concept, but it requires a JavaScript bridge for controlling all the OEM widgets. Due to this, the apps face a lot of performance-based issues. But, you won’t find this issue in Flutter as it does not need any bridge now and directly connects with the app. This is because it uses an object-oriented language for compiling written code into native code. Hence, it eliminates the need for extra bridges. This concept has really given Flutter an edge over other competitors in the app development industry.

Features of Flutter

Now, let’s understand why flutter is gaining so much popularity in such a short span of time. Here are some of its key features –

  • Flutter has a unique feature named “Hot Reload” which helps the Flutter App Development Company with various widget options and lets them function in a dynamic interface.
  • It has a unique RAM code which makes it a perfect choice for all the tech firms and start-ups.
  • Flutter App Development Services help to build applications for the main platforms like iOS and Android both, using a single codebase.
  • It comprises a command called Flutter Doctor which helps in detecting various bugs in the written code so that the developers can troubleshoot them as soon as possible.
  • It has a widgets library which makes the framework highly flexible and easy to use for mobile app developers.
  • It has a GPU rendering UI that offers great support for developing mobile applications filled with graphic designs.


Why is Flutter Development trending in 2020

Now, let’s discuss why Flutter Development is trending in 2020. Here are the reasons –

1. Similar UI and Business Logic Among all Platforms:

Flutter has similar UI patterns derived from reusable widgets which reduces the need for setting UI properties like styling, colors, etc. So, all in all, the UI and business logic can be adjusted worldwide through editing the codes for Android and iOS both.

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2. Similar to Native App Functionality

Flutter applications use Dart language (object-oriented language) which does not need a JavaScript bridge for compiling codes to native machine codes. This helps to compile and launch the app much faster than you can do it with React Native. This feature sets the Flutter app development apart from the other SDKs.

3. Unique, Customized Designs

Flutter helps you develop new widgets or transform the existing widgets into something very unique and impressive through its customized designs. Hence, developers can build robust apps with minimal efforts.

4. Single Codebase for all Platforms

Flutter uses a single codebase across all the platforms as it has all the tools required for cross-platform mobile app development. This enables the applications for mobile, web, and desktop using a single codebase. Hence, they can run on both – the Android and the iOS platforms.

5. Healthy Cooperation among Developers and Designers through Hot Reload Feature

Flutter’s Hot Reload feature is beneficial for both –  developers and designers. The moment the developer suggests any change to UI, the designer would instantly notice it and acts accordingly. Hence, the modifications happen simultaneously along with the app development without any hassle. These Flutter App Development services leave the developers and the designers very happy and relaxed.

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6. Saves time

The Hot Reload feature in Flutter gives ample benefits to the developer as you can make any changes to the application very quickly without losing your existing app. You can fix bugs, build UI, and add new features without compromising on the speed and quality of the app.

7. Greater App Responsiveness

Flutter apps can run on any existing platform effectively without compromising on its speed or quality. You do not even have to make any changes in its Dart language. This helps in maintaining designs. Flutter App Development has already advanced from mobile to bring new chances to desktops and web which are in active use today.

8. Ideal for MVPs

Flutter offers high speed, ease of integration, and a flexible user-interface which makes it the best option for creating MVPs. You can develop apps with minimum features, lesser cost, and by working on different platforms. This makes MVP the best option to help you with what you want from the business application. You can Hire the best Flutter Developer in the market to help you with your budget too.

9. Needs Minimal Testing

Since Flutter uses a single codebase across all platforms, you need to test the applications only once. So, you save a lot of time on testing and even on the application’s marketing.

10. Supported by Google

Flutter is a UI Software Development Kit developed by Google which can build applications for mobile, web, and desktop across all platforms using a single codebase. Flutter has many competitors in the market like Java, Kotlin, React Native, etc. but is still gaining popularity due to enhanced user experience promised by the giant – Google. Well, even the Stack Overflow Graph demonstrates a clear rise in Flutter App Development Services as compared to React Native or Ionic, thanks to Google.

Hence, due to the use of a single codebase across all platforms with a Hot Reload feature and greater support provided by Google, Flutter is truly a powerhouse in the current App Development without a doubt.

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