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Festive gifts that never go out of style


Hurray, it’s the festive season knocking our doors yet another year. Absolutely prepared as we are, we welcome the festivities with open arms and no hesitation. The drive to gear up and dress up in our best attires, munch unapologetically on sweets, wish each other blessings and soulful meetups with …

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Ways To Cut Down Calorie Count In Baking!

cake in delhi

Omg! I can not believe I just ate that! You all have said these words after eating a whole slice of cake or cheesecake. Yes, exercise is a great way to cut down fat and calories in food, although the formula doesn’t exactly work the same for everyone. Instead of …

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Concealer: What is it and How can It Help You?


Makeup is really good when you do it the right way. Makeup can instantly lift up your spirit and ensure that your looks enhance. But if you do not know what to use and how to use you may end up with doing makeup in a wrong manner. For example, …

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