What is the Best Way to Learn Options Trading as a Beginner?

With the increased participation by different sets of investors in options trading in recent years, if you are also thinking of starting your journey, you have come to the right place.

This is the best time to learn options trading. You can learn the basics by pursuing an options trading course available online or offline. If you are a beginner then this article will guide you on how to learn options trading.

Best Way to Learn Options Trading

Some of the best ways to learn options trading are as under.

Join an Online Course

You can find many online resources like websites and knowledge centres of stock trading brokers where you can easily learn the basics of options trading. If you want to learn options trading properly, you can go for options trading courses also from online learning platforms like Upsurge.

Learning by enrolling in an online course is better than DIY learning.  Many online platforms also collaborate with renowned MNCs and universities to provide online courses in Options trading.

You can also go for certified paid courses offered by NSE, MCX, NCDEX etc. which can help you to learn the basics of options trading. You can select one of the best stock market courses that you find suitable and start learning.

The Offline Path

If you don’t feel comfortable with online options and want an in-person experience, you need not worry. There are offline ways also to learn options trading. One of the popular ways is by enrolling in an in-person class on options trading. It will give you a hands-on experience of learning in a traditional environment.

Another way is to do it on your own via offline resources such as books. You can find many books regarding options trading. Some of the popular books that you can read are “Options Trading Crash Course” by Frank Richmond and “Options as a Strategic Investment” by Lawrence McMillan. This will help you self-learn options trading.

Apply Your Learnings in the Real Market

You cannot just learn options trading by learning the basics. You also need to understand the practical application of the same. So after learning the basics of options trading, you should start trading in the real market.

You will need a trading account to start with options trading. In case you have a trading account then you need to get the options trading facility activated from your broker. You also need to have a proper trading strategy in plan to apply your skills in real-life trading.

A major requirement is also to stay updated with news about the markets to plan your trades. You can start small and build your trading pattern eventually. The crux is to apply your learnings.


If you are also wondering about starting your journey in this space, we hope this article helps you. You can take the help of books as well as learn them by attending online and offline classes. If learning options trading is on your list, check out the best finance courses offered by Upsurge now!

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