Why Everyone is Obsessed with Gold Jewelry

When it comes to jewelry, everyone chooses what they like. However, most people tend to lean toward gold for jewelry, for several reasons. Many would think that it is all about the great appearance, but there’s a lot to it.

Of course, you’ll still find several people who favor silver and any other kind, but they, too, wouldn’t miss out on a chance to have gold. For some, they only have the other pieces due to the high price of gold in most places. So, here’s why everyone seems to be obsessed with gold jewelry.

It’s valuable

The first thing you need to look at when looking at gold jewelry is that they are quite valuable. It isn’t about the jewelry, though; gold is pretty valuable even when it’s not part of jewelry. And over the years, people have shown a fondness for the most valuable things they can get.

One of the reasons you’ll find gold as one of the most valuable metals is that it is a feel-good metal. Everyone would love to have it around their neck as 14k gold rosary chains. The value of gold is even an excellent alternative for cash in most financial markets.

  • Sustainability – the other reason why gold is quite valuable is its sustainability. For example, if the financial system we have today fails – paper money, stock market, etc. the world will resort back to gold.

That means even if you have gold as part of your jewelry, you have some tangible investment.

Gold is Durable

When it comes to jewelry alone, you need to look at several things as to why many people prefer gold as their metal of choice. At the top of that list is the durability of gold. You need to ensure it can last long; you only want to invest in it once.

If any jewelry you have isn’t durable, it can massively disappoint you. If you want assurance of durability,  go for gold, 14k gold rope chains or others. You won’t have to worry about the jewelry fading or any other kind of damage due to weather or any other conditions it has to face.

You won’t have to spend cash again to paint the chains or any other jewelry you have when you have gold ones. You only need to care for the jewelry enough, and it will give you years of service. You can even pass it down to your children, who can also pass it to their children.

What gives gold jewelry this sort of durability is that, alone, pure gold is quite soft, and you have to mix it with other metals. One of the metals that most gold jewelry blends with to give durability that’s appealing is copper.

That is particularly the case when you are dealing with rose gold – that’s why they have a distinct pink hue.


Complimentary for All Skin Tones

If you choose gold for your jewelry, you’re likely choosing it because it goes well with any skin shade. Regardless of gender, gold works well to complement the modern accent on men and female jewelry. Not many metals can complement the skin tone and masculine feel they want to portray for men.

When you are either dark or light skin, you need to have jewelry that can work well regardless of what you have. For example, if you pull off a 14k gold Jesus pendant, it needs to match your skin tone or less; it will appear off. The piece is quite extensive and can take up much attention if not done right.

With rose gold, primarily, you can rock the 14k Gold Jesus pendant piece with confidence that it will show off well. And it isn’t all about the skin tone alone; gold can also come alive with almost every other outfit you have – official or casual.


If you want to make a fashion statement, you need to do something unique. Gold screams unique regardless of the type you have on it, even if everyone wants to have it one. When you have a gold chain or ring, it will stand out from any other form of jewelry around.

And when it comes to gifts, what’s more, unique than offering someone golden jewelry? Other than when it comes to engagement rings, gold jewelry are some of the best ideas for presents you can give anyone. Even if you want to make a romantic gesture, gold is one of the perfect go-to.

The best thing is that if you are looking for gold as a present, it is quite versatile and can be presented to anyone. It will make perfect surprise romantic gestures or a gift for any family member or one of your friends.

Isn’t Sensitive

Several people have different sorts of sensitivity regarding various types of metals. Gold can work as a perfect alternative if your skin is sensitive to any metal. For example, if your skin is sensitive to nickel, gold will work as the ideal alternative for your sensitive skin.

You also need to ensure you only get quality gold to avoid sensitivity. Some of the gold alloys you’ll find in some stores will have traces of nickel. So Icy Jewelry has some great options, and with the pros here, you can get recommendations for some of the best options that won’t have nickel.

Ideally, you want to speak to the professionals before you buy any piece of gold jewelry if you are sensitive to nickel. This will save you a lot of time where you’d use trying to find the suitable ointment for the sensitivity. Overall, though, when you find the right quality of gold, you won’t have to deal with nickel sensitivity.


If you are in the jewelry market, regardless, you must consider gold. There’s always that allure that comes with gold that you won’t find with any other form of jewelry out there. If you have been wondering why people are obsessed with gold, these are some of the reasons.

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