The Expert Buying Guide For 1-Carat Diamond Ring

A 1-carat diamond ring has unmistakable magic associated with it that can’t be ignored. This weight has become the most popular choice for brides across the world. The glory of a 1-carat diamond ring is unbeatable. Because of its beauty and status, we automatically get sucked in by the desire for the carat weight. A size that looks beautiful in every hand, so it makes the perfect balance between being gracious, eye-catching, and inexpensive.


Therefore, if you are purchasing a 1-carat diamond ring, then it will be an emotional and distinctive purchase to be recalled and enjoyed for a lifetime. So for this reason, it is very important to make the most of your budget. To sort all your problems, we have made this guide to help you make the best purchase. Keep reading!


Step 1: Discover the right style while buying a 1-carat diamond ring 


Before you start finding the center stone, it is advisable that you first decide what look you want for the ring. By doing this you will get an idea of the cost of the ring and then you can manage your budget accordingly for the stone.

For a 1-carat diamond ring, all styles will look great.

If you want your diamond to look larger, then you must go for a thin band.  If you want a little more sparkle then you should opt for a halo setting. In a halo setting, the center stone is surrounded by small diamonds and it will look larger. Another way of adding sparkle is to go with a three-stone setting. There will be two stones around the central diamond, which will make the center diamond look bigger.

For any of the above styles, you can opt to add pave or channel set diamonds for the extra sparkle in the band.


Step 2: Limit your choices to the diamond with the best cut 

There are a huge number of diamonds available for buying. But the best one is right in front of you but you have to limit your options. Before any purchase, you have to limit yourself by choosing a well-cut diamond.

Although there are 4C’s for the grading of gemstones, cut is considered the most important thing for diamond’s beauty. The tremendous cut will lower the color grade of a diamond by hiding its color. Better yet, the enormous glitter of a well-cut diamond will help to make it look bigger.

So, if you’re having a tight budget, you can compromise on the color of the stone, even clarity, and carat but if you compromise on the cut of the stone then you will be left with an unimpressive ring. You can do a comparison of the performance of the diamonds so that you can check which one is better.


Step 3: Choose the best option of color grade

The perfect option of diamond color grade depends on your preference. What style of jewelry you are looking for and how color sensitive you are? The color grade gives a big impact on the pricing of the diamond.

To get the most out of your investment it is advisable to go for the lowest color grade. If you are opting for a halo or three-stone setting ring, then you must go for the same color grade as that of your diamonds in the ring. For a 1-carat diamond ring, you need not have to go for a flawless stone. Going for higher clarity grades will add a higher cost.

Do you know: In a chemical composition the existence of nitrogen is accountable for its yellowish touch.


Step 4: Find the most sparkling one-carat diamond 

Diamond sparkle is one of the most desired requirements while buying a ring. When you look at your diamond ring you must want it to be most sparkly. So go for the one that has a good mixture of brilliance and fire.

A diamond that has an excellent cut grade looks very bright. It gives an even pattern that has good contrast with light and darker areas, so the consideration of the diamond appears crisp and well balanced.

In the end, nothing can beat the sparkle of your ring like the love with which your loved one has given to you. So, listen to your heart and enjoy the moment- you will not go wrong.


Step 5: Check the certification 

Whether you are purchasing a 1-carat diamond ring or 5-carat diamond ring, make sure you only buy GIA and AGS certified diamonds. It is worth investing in a diamond with a certificate. There are two important reasons why should you buy diamonds with a certificate:

It guarantees the quality of diamond: The cut, color, and clarity of the diamond, as well as its weight, are the qualities that mostly a buyer is unable to figure out and most of the jewelers take advantage of this. Jewelers sell uncertified diamonds by giving false claims regarding the quality of the diamond and buyers will find this later that they have paid too much for an inferior diamond. So, when you buy a certified diamond from a reputable jeweler you can be confident of the quality of the gemstone and will be assured that you have been given a fair price.

A piece of certified jewelry secures your investment: No doubt that a good-quality diamond will cost thousands of dollars. But if you buy a certified diamond then it will hold its value over a long time and whenever you wish to sell your stone you will be more likely to get back what you initially invested.




Searching for the best 1-carat diamond ring is not that easy, but we are now hoping that you will be fully equipped with all the knowledge that is required to make the right decision and get the best value for your money invested.

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