7 Key Steps to Be a Healthy Teacher

The role and task of a teacher could be stressful at times. Along with the emotional challenges in play, none can deny the fact that teachers also need to be physically fit to carry out their teaching process with ease and comfort. This is true, not just for a physical classroom setup, but also while operating on an online platform for teaching. It is extremely important to look after your physical well-being. Hence, here are 7 steps that you should know in order to stay healthy. 

Plan Your Meals Well

Your health could go in for a toss if you do not plan out your meals well. It’s time you force yourself to a grocery store to pick up some ingredients for slow-cooker mills along with delicious salads. You could also drop some healthy frozen foods in your cart for days when you lack the motivation to cook yourself due to tiredness or any other reason. 

Pick the Right Food 

A healthy diet is a prerequisite and a necessity for a healthy lifestyle. Hence, pick and incorporate food in your diet that has a reversing effect against diseases like diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure or even heart ailments. Incorporate a plant-based diet every day. You ideal diet should include fruits, beans, berries, broccoli, nuts, whole grains and spices. 

Sweat it out on Resistance 

Several studies suggest that regular exercise of resistance helps in strengthening your willpower. By exercise, we do not necessarily mean the physical workout but also curbing your cravings. It simply means that when you resist that candy box or a portion of junk food, you are strengthening yourself for the next craving outburst. 

Get Moving Physically 

We all understand that the professional lives of teachers are very hectic. However, you can decongest it by spending some time every day working on your physical well being. Set out a small workout or exercise goal and strive hard to achieve them. Taking a step further, you can also compete sportingly with your colleagues or family members when it comes to physical activities. 

Optimum Sleep is the Key

As a teacher, you might have constantly highlighted the importance of sleep to your students. However, we tend to forget the very importance of sleep applies to us as well. People tend to sleep less as and when the burden of responsibilities keep mounting. A lack of sleep can result in high levels of stress and lack of concentration during work. It ultimately causes a litany of health issues. Hence, strive to maintain an optimum sleep cycle of 6 to 8 hours on a regular basis. 

Meditate Daily 

Regular practice of mindfulness and meditation can go a long way in curbing stress levels. Meditation is an effective and proven method to ensure that you maintain composure during the day. Additionally, meditation has proven to benefit in enhancing concentration and attention skills as well. 

Energise and Regroup

It has been noticed that indian teachers’ lives typically revolve around the school and students. This leads to a neglect of some time for themselves. It is time that teachers force upon themselves to energise and regroup. Be it 10 minutes or half an hour, block some ‘me time’ which is dedicated for yourself solely. This idea pays off really well and helps in focusing your energy in the right direction. 


These were 7 steps that should be followed religiously to maintain optimum health as a teacher. Indeed, better health not just benefits you, but has an indirect and lasting impact on the students that are trained by you. 

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