Tainiomania: Is it safe and legal?

“Popular but illegal –

One of the best streaming sites but not safe to use

Piracy Content – Still Running “

Even if Movie Mania is illegal – why is it so popular? and it is so popular, why the site has not already been removed?

Of course, there are many questions surrounding solarmovies, such as “Is Tainiomania closing? If not, what is the official Tainiomania website?

How to make sure the site is malicious?

is it safe to use or not?

It’s legal or so “

Let’s reveal all these questions one by one…

Is Movie Mania Legal?

No, the content on the site comes from many sources and a site like Tainiomania does not host any videos on its servers. Hosting videos will commit a crime. However, the site only links to these videos and does not host them. Therefore, it does not do technical work illegally.

Content creators work very hard to create any content and spend time and money on it. So it makes sense then that they want to earn what they have invested and have a good return on investment.

Sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. They pay licensing fees to these creators and therefore obtain permission from content creators to display their content on their site.

Sites like Tainiomania, Repelis, Coke & Popcorn etc. do not receive such permission from content creators. Therefore, they can not host these videos on their site.

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